FLIP It - Build resilience and positive thinking into your organisation

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Flip-It is an imaginative and engaging business training workshop, which uses the psychology of happiness & humour as a framework to build resilience, encourage positive thinking, and reduce negative behaviour across organisations. 

When we talk about humour, we're not talking about telling jokes or taking things lightly, we are talking about a cognitive tool, based on solid scientific data, that builds resilient and positive organisations.

Organisations that embed resilience and well-being at the core of their staff training will see an upturn in performance, engagement and productivity.

We provide Laughology FLIP-It training and workshops for public and private sector organisations across the UK.  It teaches positive thinking, mental agility and how to avoid negative behaviour. It has a positive impact on productivity and effectiveness through the entire workforce and helps public and private sector organisations keep their workforces happy and reduce staff turnover.

Imaginative and engaging staff training will help your organisation happier and improve well-being. It will provide the tools to face any difficult times with resilience, think positively positive, and make decisions as a team. If used regularly, the techniques learnt in this training session will allow organisations and its employees to stay engaged and keep a clear mind in times of change and transformation.

A recent ‘Flux in focus’ report by the Right Management organisation claims that :

  • 74% of organisations have undergone restructuring in the last five years, rising to 93% in the public sector
  • 46% of HR decision-makers report an increase in employee fatigue and disengagement

Many organisations realise the value of investing in the wellness of their workforce. Organisations cannot afford unhappy, unwell and unproductive people. Rather than the occasional employee treat, well-being and resilience measures should be regarded as an important business investment.

A workforce being taught resilience and positive thinking in a training session

Why is resilience training important?

Resilience training is important because it will enhance your organisation's ability to cope with problems. If your workforce is resilient, they can face a crisis or trauma with strength and resolve. Resilience means that instead of falling apart and freezing under stress, they have the ability to carry on and eventually overcome problems using all the resources they possess.

Resilience training plays a critical role in preventing stress at work, increasing individuals self-esteem and improving employee well-being. Resilience is at the core of all successful organisations and plays a vital role in increasing individuals self-esteem and their ability to cope with workplace challenges and changes.

Increased resilience plays an important role in:

  • Creating a happy and healthy workforce
  • Lower levels of sickness
  • Better retention of staff
  • Encouraging a positive response to change
  • Improved communications and understanding

How can positive thinking in the workplace help your organisation?

Encouraging positive thinking in the workplace makes good business sense. Positive thinking and behaviour build a positive work environment, where people respect each other and work to the best of their abilities.

It is an environment where creativity and innovation flourish.

The FLIP-It workshop will show your workforce how positive thinking in the workplace will:

  • Help them focus on the positives in every situation
  • Turn negatives patterns of thinking into positive patterns of thinking
  • Have confidence in themselves and others
  • Find positive, successful outcomes in even the most difficult situations
  • Make them happier and healthier

Adaptable and flexible thought and behaviour

FLIP-It heightens opportunistic thinking and enables individuals to have thoughts and behaviours are adaptable and flexible, helping provide a clearer view of future events and influence others in a positive and upbeat way.  FLIP-It, when broken down can be used as a coaching technique to enhance learning and thinking on every level.

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Let's go through the four stages of FLIP-It so you can better understand how this training workshop can benefit your organisation.

F is for 'focus' on things positively

When a situation happens, we tend to focus on how it feels, rather than how it could feel or even what can be done.  Reframing through focusing on the possibilities is a powerful tool for any individual when learning and developing.

We can talk to people and coach them on how you focus on things positively and what to focus on.  We know that simply by helping people understand where their focus needs to be can encourage them to think and behave in ways that are more productive and helps the brain engage.

L is for 'language' used in a wise way

Language decides how we take in information and contextualise a situation. It can change the way we feel about things, for ourselves and others.

At Laughology we talk about loaded and emotional language.  Comedians are brilliant linguists and can change the context of a situation simply by changing one word.  Using language in a wise way will determine how you and the people around you react to situations.  

I is for 'imagination' that generates happiness

Our imagination can change the way we think about a situation and how it can cause us to be creative problem-solving or negative problem-focusing.  Our ability to be able to imagine and generate ideas in work and life is essential for success and happiness.  

The way an environment works and the managers or leaders ability to create the right circumstances for imagination and creative thinking is a massive driver of performance and engagement.  Developing imagination will improve innovation and solution focused thinking, creating teams and individuals who are flexible and positive about challenges.

P is for 'pattern breaking' that helps you understand behaviour and thinking

Recognising what you are doing continuously to sustain a behaviour, whether it be positive or negative, and how to break patterns through focus, language or imagination.  Recognising that we continually form habits as human beings, some good, some not so good and how can we use this to help us understand behaviour and thinking?

We provide staff training that makes the complex simple and fun. Our unique delivery style ensures maximum attention, engagement and retention. We have delivered this workshop to small and large organisations throughout the UK, in both the public and private sector.

If you would like to know more about how the Flip-It workshop can benefit your organisation call us on 0844 800 1701, or use the contact form below. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


You can call us on 0844 800 1701, or use this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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