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As part of its ongoing commitment to developservices, Severn Trent Water undertook a customer service department restructure to enhance customer experience. 

The challenge:

A newly-formed customer services management team within Severn Trent Water comprised leaders with a range of experience in different areas of the utility. They all shared the same goals; to increase net promotor scores and customer satisfaction whilst effectively managing the large teams under their charge.

As a new team, cohesion and alignment were key factors in realising these objectives, as were leadership skills, resilience and big-picture thinking.

The solution:

Laughology devised a series of bespoke, immersive sessions with managers which helped them gain a greater understanding of resilience and increased emotional capital and engagement throughout the team.  Our management and leadership modules were combined with individual coaching session to accelerate learning.

The sessions encouraged fresh thinking and interaction. Participants built bonds and developed a wider understanding of various roles and how they affect customer experience. Working together, they developed the core skills needed to effectively lead their teams and so enhance the company’s customer service proposition.

Laughology then worked with the team to develop an interactive show-case event during which they presented their vision to the wider workforce.  Using the skills they had acquired during the process the managers developed new lines of communication and encouraged feedback from all areas of the business which was used to develop further strategy. 

The results:

As a result of Laughology’s programme participants were able to deliver a new programme to the rest of the customer service department.

Severn Trent Water’s net promoting scores improved. The process contributed to customer satisfaction levels of 4.36 out of five, engagement levels increased as did positive relationships with management.  

More Case Studies


Laughology case study
We devised a bespoke programme of sessions designed to build participants’ emotional intelligence, using humour as a leadership mind-set. The programme was delivered in a series of sessions over a two-year period.

Liverpool One

Laughology case study
We designed a series of sessions during which managers were given engaging and practical tools to help them develop communication and people skills. The programme was delivered through four full-day courses with a three-week gap between each session.

St Matthew’s Primary School, Luton

Laughology case study
In 2012 Laughology began working with the head teacher, staff and pupils to implement a ground-breaking initiative with the aim of embedding happiness at the heart of school life.


Laughology case study
HSBC wanted Laughology to complement its highly successful training and development programme with an engaging, science-based module addressing the subject of unconscious bias.

BNP Paribas

Laughology worked with BNP Paribas to develop a programme which taught the art of effective communication to participants on the bank’s fast-track management scheme

Severn Trent Water

Laughology devised a series of bespoke, immersive sessions with managers which helped them gain a greater understanding of resilience and increased emotional capital and engagement throughout the team.

International Nuclear Services

We designed a bespoke, multi-level, multi-faceted programme for senior and middle management and introduced various models through a series of workshops and training programmes to deliver communication skills and build emotional capital through the organisation to assist in developing behaviour change.

Maidenhall primary School

Laughology Case Study
Through interviews and discussion sessions we assessed the most relevant and useful skills the new heads of years needed to achieve the goals required. We developed a bespoke programme to embed new and effective skill sets.

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