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We have a team of like-minded experts from a range of fields, including former headteachers and HR consultants, who continue to develop, grow and deliver innovative workshops and programmes.

Sarah Brown - Laughology lead facilitator and consultant

Sarah Brown

Laughology lead facilitator and consultant
Sarah started her professional life as an officer in Greater Manchester Police Force. It was here that she was first rewarded for her love and passion for making a difference. Sarah received a Chief Constable’s Commendation from the late Michael Todd for her dedication, determination and commitment. And she got a financial bonus to boot (which was unheard of).
Barry the cat

Barry the cat

A feline
Barry is the Laughology cat. He suffers from attention deficiency disorder and enjoys breaking things and eating flies. He is not particularly clever but makes up for this with oodles of neurosis and psychosis…
Kerry Leigh - Lead facilitator and consultant

Sarah Creegan

Education Consultant and Facilitator
The Red Arrows flew over Lincoln hospital on the day Sarah Creegan was born there; an omen perhaps, to indicate what a high-flyer she would become. Indeed we are lucky to have her as several years ago she almost came to grief when the snowmobile she was a passenger on was swallowed up by a crevice…
Stephanie davies

Stephanie Davies

CEO, Head of Happiness
Stephanie Davies grew up on the Isle of Man where she developed a belief in fairies which exists to this day. She has the smallest little fingers of any human being, ever, and can often be seen walking a cat on a lead in the Surrey village where she lives…
Laura Drury - Learning and development facilitator and consultant

Laury Drury

Lead learning and development facilitator and consultant
Laura began her professional career as a performer and trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Her passion lay in theatre; particularly Shakespeare, comedy and farce. She always felt she had great comic… wait for it… timing!
Ed Elgood

Ed Elgood

Laughology lead facilitator and consultant
Ed loves to instil passion and enthusiasm in children's minds as well as ensuring all sessions are filled with fun and humour and that children end their day with Laughology feeling confident and brilliant!
Vicky Rowan

Nick Harding

PR Guru
Nick has lived with gypsies, been on holiday with a member of TakeThat and accidentally poisoned a horse that belonged to a member of S Club 7 Read more about Nick...
Sarah Helm

Sarah Helm

Laughology lead facilitator and consultant
Sarah’s childhood highlights include training and performing as a figure skater and having a (brief) role as a photo story model in My Guy magazine.
David Hodgson

David Hodgson

Laughology lead facilitator and consultant
David has written eight books including the bestselling The Buzz and The Little Book of Inspirational Teaching Activities
Dave Keeling - Lead facilitator and consultant

Dave Keeling

Lead facilitator and consultant
Dave ‘Billy Elliot’ Keeling grew up in a pit village in Nottinghamshire and was tap dancing three times a week by the age of ten. Never one to shy away from challenge and risk, he then moved into the world of acting and trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art...
Kerry Leigh - Lead facilitator and consultant

Kerry Leigh

Lead facilitator and consultant
Kerry is one of our most experienced and sought-after consultants and facilitators, having joined Laughology in its infancy. She is a professional comedian and compere and was the child star of the Operation board game TV ads. She has a talent for..
Vicky Maitland

Vicky Maitland

Children’s Facilitator
Vicky brings a wealth of experience, working with children and young people in education and community organisations. She has a background in performing arts and has delivered literacy sessions to children using creative improvisation and drama. Vicky has also helped develop... Read more about Vicky...
Vicky Rowan

Vicky Rowan

Learning and Development Advisor
She has over 25 year’s experience working in blue chip companies and global organisations. She has worked in hospitality, as a European Merchandiser for one of the world’s largest beauty brands and as a manager for an international call centre, responsible for training initiatives to develop and motivate staff...
Juliette Yardley

Juliette Yardley

Lead Facilitator and Consultant
Juliette Yardley is a pint-sized dynamo who packs a powerful punch and often gets asked for ID when buying her favourite Rose. If its eggs you want, she’s your woman. She’s got a garden full of chickens. She is also bubbly and cool, but not as cool as…
Stephanie Wilkinson

Stephanie Wilkinson

PA to Stephanie Davies and Office Manager
Stephanie has over 15 years’ experience as a PA and worked for a large London healthcare company before she joined Laughology in 2016. She is an expert administrator and office manager who ensures the smooth running of Laughology operations...

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