The Science of Happiness for organisations

The 'Science of Happiness for organisations' conference talk is one of Laughology's most popular conference sessions and has been delivered to over 10,000 delegates throughout the UK and Europe. It lasts for approximately 1 hour and is suitable for small and large groups.

The conference talk will help delegates understand

  • The science and psychology of how happiness works within the brain
  • What does a happy organisation mean in terms of productivity, engagement and satisfaction levels?
  • How a happy workforce is more flexible to change
  • How to implement what they have learned to embed happiness within their organisation
  • Understand where individuals can develop and focus energy on where they need it 

Happy workers laughing togetherGetting your workforce on board to believe in happiness values and behaviours is at the core of a successful organisation.

How happiness can improve your organisation

Happiness will help your team members and organisation flourish. Improving the happiness and well-being of your workforce will lead to an increase in engagement and productivity. They are less likely to take time off and more likely to get the job done, give discretionary effort and be positive, even at times of stress and change.

A happy workplace will have the coping skills and resilience to face challenges head on that arise in an ever-changing environment. Happiness values are at the core of successful organisations.

Stephanie's 'fun' approach to the presentation made the time fly past, the facts and business positives are still embedded in our delegates... Excellent - would recommend it to other organisations.

Portsmouth CIPD Group – Feb 2016

Identifying areas for development in your workforce

The 'Science of Happiness for organisations' explains how the Laughology Happiness Model will help your organisation identify areas for development that will lead to increasing happiness both on an individual and organisation wide level.

The model gives five pillars that are key attributes of happiness, (research on happiness themes based on previous Laughology research in organisations and academic research, including Seligman’s theory’s and Professor Andrew Oswald happiness at work paper) these are:

  1. confidence
  2. purposeful/personal development
  3. positive relationships
  4. support
  5. coping skills

The five pillars and the factors that feed into the pillars will help you understand how to embed happiness into your worfforce and which area of your workforce development you should be developing and where to focus your resources on.

Contact us today with the date of your conference and what you want to get out of your 'Science of Happiness for organisations' talk.

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