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Learn how to engage groups, build teams, run meetings and consultations, and facilitate idea-generation


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We use the psychology of humour to deliver award winning Consulting & Development



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As consultants, coaches and facilitators, we believe in principles that are rooted in happiness.

Our 4 workshop below use a systematic approach and techniques to encourage a shift in attitude and behaviour in a target audience.

Learning & Development

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Laughology learning and development builds value through positive behaviour change, creating happy, engaged, productive teams.

We deliver business learning and development through a range of services including one-off training sessions and workshops to fully-embedded whole organisation change programmes.

Laughology works with clients in all sectors

Each of our consultants has a broad skillset developed over years of working with diverse clients.

This expertise enables a transference of knowledge that applies to private and public sector organisations. We have worked with people at all levels, from CEOs to contractors, across a range of organisations spanning business, charity, education, health and government.

Laughology building with 3 sectors

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The Science of Laughology

Laughology is a unique approach to communication, development and thinking that uses the psychology of humour and happiness as a foundation.

We have a systematic and science based approach to enable us to develop solutions that are tailor made to your organisation. We believe the only way to encourage a shift in attitude and behaviour is to focus on people, their development, feelings and skill sets.

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