Psst! - did you know?

Vicky is one the nation’s most convincing Anne Boleyn impersonators and has the costume to prove it.
A vocal chameleon, she can do almost every regional dialect in the UK, which helps no end at Laughology staff meetings, as the company is Northerner-heavy (we’re working on our unconscious bias).

Vital Stats

  • Who or what makes you laugh until it hurts?
    Being silly and enjoying good company.
  • What would your superpower be?
    The ability to read and retain information at superhuman speed ... and flight!
  • What's the nicest thing anyone ever said to you?
    You help make me a better person.
  • What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
    Half of a costume falling off in an outdoor play.
  • What's your mantra?
    Never give up.

Vicky brings a wealth of experience, working with children, young people and adults in education and community organisations.  She has a background in performing arts and has delivered literacy sessions to children using creative improvisation and drama.  Vicky has also helped develop performance and presenting skills with adults and her background in theatre and voice development is of real benefit for improving confidence and communication skills.  

Vicky is passionate about engaging young people in learning through humour and laughter and always ensures her fun sessions are interactive and that children leave feeling happy and confident. Furthermore she delights in sharing her fun teaching techniques with adult educators so that classrooms can become fun and engaging spaces to aid learning!

Vicky is a mean salsa dancer and would give Bruno Tonioli from Strictly a run for his money in a latin dance-off.

I have had some fantastic feedback, about Victoria, both from the parents and the teachers. Some of the parents have stated that their children loved the sessions and were talking about it ‘non-stop’ when they arrived home.

The teachers were very enthusiastic about the workshops. Some have mentioned an instant change in their class behaved and that the got a lot out of it. We hope to reinforce the FLIP throughout the school with posters, classroom displays and follow up work.

Thank you so much for supporting and helping our school develop a positive mindset.

Nominations are open for the National Happiness Awards 2019

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