HSBC wanted and complement its highly successful training and development programme with an engaging, science-based module addressing the subject of unconscious bias.

The challenge:

HSBC’s Balance programme helped promote awareness and understanding of the benefits of balanced workplaces. The bank wanted to make participation within this programme as diverse as possible and required a series of entertaining and informative keynote talks to attract participants and stimulate conversations around the subject of unconscious bias.

The solution:

At Laughology, we make the complex simple and fun. Our unique delivery style ensures maximum attention, engagement and retention. Which is why HSBC chose us as the perfect partner to complement and enhance their global diversity programme.

Initially, we consulted with the lead team in the programme and analysed existing provision to gain understanding of where leaders and participants felt there were gaps.

Armed with this data we developed a series of bespoke, sector-specific sessions which concentrated on the psychology and neuro-science of unconscious bias. The sessions drew heavily on current scientific research. The aim was to create deeper awareness of the social and behavioural reasons behind the causes of bias.

A series of six sessions were delivered at HSBC’s London headquarters and after each, evaluation and feedback was used to enhance subsequent sessions. Each was delivered in an enjoyable format with tangible deliverables and quick wins, such as strategies for thinking differently and recognising situations where bias could affect decisions.


Nearly 90 percent of attendees reported the experience as very good or excellent with 87 percent reporting that the subject matter was well evidenced and relevant to their work. This created an increase in reported general conversations about bias and its effects.

After the second event the reports were so positive the bank decided to live webcast subsequent presentations so anyone within the organisation could participate and benefit.


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