BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas operates a highly successful talent management programme which identifies and develops high-achievers within the bank. Laughology partnered with BNP Paribas to deliver a dedicated communication training element within this programme.

The challenge:

International bank BNP Paribas understands the importance of growing talent internally. Its talent management programme identifies and nurtures potential leaders and managers of the future. The programme focusses on the technical and professional skills high-achieving employees need to succeed. To complement these, the bank was keen to give its stars of the future expert training in a range of other diverse areas, including communication.

The solution:

Laughology worked with BNP Paribas to develop a programme which taught the art of effective communication to participants on the bank’s fast-track management scheme. The target audience was already operating at a high level and the bank required something more than the standard one-size-fits-all comms course. Which is why it chose to engage us.

Using our in-depth knowledge of psychology and neuro-science, we developed a two-day programme delivered at a conference in Paris which specifically addressed the nuances of leadership communication. Within the entertaining and engaging sessions we dealt with subjects such as creative presentation, bringing messages to life and engaging audiences. We also looked at transactional analysis, using humour to convey a message and communication styles.

During the sessions we analysed the communication habits of the participants and gave them tools to help them improve. We looked at using humour and improvisation, different styles of language and how to emphasise personal brand. The sessions culminated with individual presentations to a wider audience in which participants used the skills they had learned to communicate specific messages.


The sessions were adopted as permanent modules within BNP Paribas’ talent training programme. Following on from their success, Laughology was commissioned to deliver a similar programme addressing communication links and effective networking within the organisation. 

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