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our business development programmes, workshops and consultancy projects are based on cognitive behaviour psychology.

Our consultants, coaches and facilitators have experience and expertise in psychology and organisational development. We use flexible, dynamic techniques coupled with an investigative, analytical approach to design effective, engaging, bespoke business solutions.

We provide business development programmes, workshops and consultancy projects that use innovative practice in positive psychology to help individuals and teams understand why we make decisions and what influences our behaviour. From increasing customer loyaltycreating happier and more productive teams and evolving your business, Laughology’s approach will ensure training is delivered in a way that inspires people, creates commitment and helps develop the skills and confidence needed to sustain behaviours.

Eight-stage approach to attitude and behaviour change

We will work with you using our eight-stage model for development– wrapped around Laughology’s unique happiness model and philosophy.  Our different approach to learning and development and consultancy engages people more than traditional methods.  This increased engagement ensures buy-in and as a result colleagues become more aligned to your vision.

Best value from your development budget

Statistics show that a quarter of all expenditure spent on training by organisations is wasted. This is because skills taught are not transferred back into the workplace; many people on courses simply do not engage or learn.  So how can you ensure you get the best value?

We learn and change behaviour depending on our emotive response. Therefore, creating a positive emotional response to learning sustains motivation. Your team and individuals are more likely to be motivated and to continue the working style you want if they are happy and feel valued. Laughology does exactly this and helps you embed this in your organisation.

Working with the biggest

We work with some of the world's biggest blue chip companies. We have researched and designed thinking techniques that can be packaged into accessible, versatile skills to help people to think and act positively.

Conferences Keynote

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Our speakers not only have a background in comedy, they also understand the psychology of behaviour and motivation

Some of our conference keynotes include:



Our business development programmes are based on cognitive behaviour psychology and use humour as a positive thinking skill to promote positive attitude and influence behaviours in the workplace.

Laughology programmes include:



Our business workshops deal with a wide range of factors and issues, are grounded in proven science and are engaging, energetic and most importantly, fun.

Our workshops include:

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