A happiness award nomination could literally add years to your life

New research proves that optimists live longer. According to a widely reported study by American academics at Boston University, people with greater optimism are more likely to achieve ‘exceptional longevity’. Positive people have a higher chance (between 50 and 70 percent) of living to 85 than glum people, concludes the study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Happiest Team 2018 – Why they won, what they did next and why you should enter?

Theodoaras - Happiest team - national happiness awards

For baby turtles, the euphoria of hatching quickly wears off. As soon as the little ‘uns claw their way out of their sandy nests they face threats. Seagull and shark attacks are common. Recently they also run the risk of being placed in Tupperware containers by well-meaning TV presenters for cutesy Blue Planet Live broadcasts. Where are the parents, you ask? Well, mummy and daddy turtle absolve themselves of their parental responsibilities as soon as the egg leaves the egg hole (not an anatomical term, granted).

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Melanie Eastwood of The Development Manager in Worcester, nominated in the National Happiness Awards 19

happiest employee category national happiness awards
The Happiest Employee category recognises and pays tribute to people who support and encourage their colleagues, while contributing to overall happiness in their organisations. And according to Genevieve Dicks and Brett Hopcutt of The Development Manager in Worcester, their co-worker Melanie Eastwood is the perfect candidate. 

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Nina Jackson, happiness award judge, explains what she’ll be looking for in this year's nominations

Nina jackson happiness awards judge

Here at the National Happiness Awards, we pride ourselves on setting the standard for happiness best-practice in the UK. Which is why all our winners are scrutinised to make sure they truly deserve the accolades they win. Not only do winners need to be happy, they also need to demonstrate that the measures they are taking to spread happiness are sustainable and innovative. Our judges are eagle-eyed happiness experts who know what makes a winner. Here’s Nina Jackson to explain what she’ll be looking for in this year's National Happiness Awards.

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Nominations are open for the National Happiness Awards 2019

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