Education programme


A modular whole school personal, social and emotional development programme.

Developed by former headteachers and industry experts in psychology, motivation, engagement and behaviour change.

Year groups

  • • Foundation & year 1
  • • Years 2 & 3
  • • Years 4,5 & 6


  • • Five themes
  • • Lesson plans for each theme
  • • Additional resources for each theme
  • • Teachers guide & appendix
  • • All materials in digital print-ready format

Cost per pupil


Discount available for larger schools
Minimum charge for smaller schools is £750 
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Book an INSET day and buy the Happy-Centred School Programme for:   

£2,250  half day INSET

£2,750  full day INSET

Our Happy - Centred School Partners

The Happy-Centred Schools programme (HCS)™ is designed to increase opportunities for all children and gives them the skills needed to take full advantage of learning and of the school community.

The HCS programme has been proven to:

  • Impact positively on whole school cultures
  • Raise individual happiness and raised standards
  • Increase SATs levels by 20%
  • Encourage greater resilience and boost self esteem
  • Increase opportunities for all schoolchildren, from Foundation to year 6


In a recent international comparative study of children’s subjective wellbeing in 15 countries, children in England ranked 14th for satisfaction with life as a whole, and 12th for their school experience.

Clearly, there is a pressing need to address the issues that make our children feel unhappy and affect their learning.

The HCS programme is fun and improves school standards

Laughology’s HCS programme pioneered the whole-school approach to systemised wellbeing within schools. The pilot HCS was launched in 2012 in St Matthew’s Primary School in Luton and within two years helped improve standards across a variety of areas, including SATS results.

The programme is flexible, easy to use and, most importantly, it is fun. Happy children learn more easily and are more engaged with school life. Increasing happiness in children can help break the deeply ingrained, limiting beliefs and self-perceptions that stifle aspiration and hamper the ability to achieve.

HCS is based on neuroscience and psychology

The scientific study of happiness has gained traction in the past decade and the HCS programme is underpinned by data and results from studies into happiness from the fields of neuroscience and psychology.

The principles behind HCS are also drawn from Laughology’s own research.
The underlying principles of the HCS programme are based on research by academics such as Dr Martn Seligman, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, and Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick.

There are five HCS themes and each is a vital factor in achieving happiness.


Coping Skills theme

6 lesson plans for years 5&6

Creative Commons License
This free theme of Happy-Centred Schools by Laughology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

As part of the programme, during the first half-term, a happiness survey of staff and children can also be undertaken by Laughology

The happiness survey will gauge levels of emotional wellbeing and identify specific issues to address. The survey can either be with a specific year group or with the whole school. The survey is not essential and is carried out as an added extra to the programme at an additional cost.

The survey sets a starting point from which progress can be measured and allows a more proactive approach to delivery to help staff understand the focus needed. At the end of the project the survey can be repeated to identify the progress that has been made.

We're feeling the love!

We saw a huge improvement in our children's perseverance, resilience and confidence when learning and tackling new things, including SATs paper!
We got the Ofsted call Tuesday after the Happy Centred School Inset day and your words about framing language and thinking positively really resonated with me. Such good timing as it helped me so much.
Priory Primary School Teacher
Children across all year groups at Kaizen have been positively influenced by the Happy-Centred School project. The weekly lessons enable children to think deeply about themselves and ways in which they can develop further.

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