The amazing brain – the growth mind-set, memory techniques and meta-cognition

Empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning in a fun and creative way increases learning ability. Many children and teenagers believe people are born with a good memory or a mental ability for learning and intelligence. They assume they will be good at maths or English because their parents were.  

The flipside if this mindset dictates that if your parents were not academic, neither will you be. Research shows such beliefs can make a huge difference in how children learn and achieve in both school and in later in life. Those who adopt this ‘fixed’ mind-set believe their abilities and intelligence are static and outside of their control. However we now know intelligence and ability is not set and children and young people who understand this gain confidence and learning ability.  This is known as a growth mindset.  

Simply by understanding more about the brain and how it works gives children and young people the ability to recognise their potential and ability, to take on challenges, persist and develop.   This presentation incorporates memory techniques, taking control of mental ability, developing memory muscle, storytelling and learning techniques.

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