laughology's trainers and consultants have a wide range of skills and qualifications covering all aspects of individual and organisational needs (even when they were eight)!

Below we have listed some of the talents and skills of our team. Please contact any of us to chat further about what we do, we would love to hear from you.

Alan Matthews

Alan is our specialist consultant in the arenas of rehabilitation, health and public health. He has worked in the drugs and HIV prevention field for 25 years as a well-respected researcher and trainer.

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Barry the cat

Barry the cat

Psst! - did you know?

Most Bengal cats have type A blood according to a study held in the UK

Vital Stats

Tom and Jerry and Top Cat

It would be great if I could have 9 lives - purrrrr!

If you take your claws out of my leg I will give you some more sardines

Being tied to a rotating washing line and being made to chase a fake mouse for the amusement of my loving owner

Chase fake mice - you will get more sardines

Barry is the Laughology bengal cat. He suffers from attention deficit disorder and enjoys breaking things and eating flies. He is not particularly clever but makes up for this with oodles of neurosis and psychosis. He is sometimes allowed in the garden but can’t be trusted to play nicely with the other animals. His skills include scratching, biting, climbing things and sleeping. He is custodian of the Laughology foam stress busters and guards them jealously. He is working on his anger issues and, like most cats, remains coldly detached. If Laughology died in a locked room with him, he would eat our face within a week.

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Barry The Cat...

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Conference keynotes




Our team of presenters, come from professional performance backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills including stand-up comedy, psychology and business and learning expertise. They deliver key messages and fascinating insights with laughs, sparkle and pizazz

We are renowned in the business for our entertaining and refreshingly different delivery style. When we deliver keynotes, conferences and event facilitation, we bring proceedings to life with fun, interaction and improvisation.

The secret is our team of presenters, come from professional performance backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills including stand-up comedy, psychology and business and learning expertise.  Delegates love us and the buzz we create. We are engaging and dynamic as well as knowledgeable and can help you deliver important messages and memorable moments - with guaranteed laughter.

To bring even more excitement to your conference why not try our ‘Funny businesses improv session. You can book us to deliver key messages through interactive improvisation.  Using comedy improvisation, we will engage your audience to think differently, debate and learn using creative dialogue techniques.  These sessions are fun and a great way to get people involved in positive debate and bring a conference to life.

Connecting with people is a vital skill for effective leadership. People who master it gain the keys to success and power 

Popular science and some ill-informed media delight in playing up the differences between male and female brains...

Most people do not realise that we are hard-wired to prefer people who look like us, sound like us and share our interests ...

Imagine having the power to take on challenge and change positively and turn them into opportunities... 

‘I can and I will’, goes the saying. David Brent probably had it printed on a mouse mat… and a mug. Maybe even a t-shirt ... 

The art of negotiation is one of the most valued skills in all walks of life – just asked the people tasked with delivering Brexit  ... 

Everyone likes to laugh, and unless you are unnaturally miserable, everyone enjoys humour ... 

Everyone wants to be happy at work. So why are so many people unhappy? This is one of the great paradoxes of modern organisations... 

Laughology keynote and conference speakers

Dave ‘Billy Elliot’ Keeling grew up in a pit village in Nottinghamshire and was tap dancing three times a week by the age of ten. Never one to shy away from challenge and risk, he then moved into the world of acting and trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Stephanie Davies grew up on the Isle of Man where she developed a belief in fairies which exists to this day. She has the smallest little fingers of any human being, ever, and can often be seen walking a cat on a lead in the Surrey village where she lives.

Kerry is one of our most experienced and sought-after consultants and facilitators, having joined Laughology in its infancy. She is a professional comedian and compere and was the child star of the Operation board game TV ads. 

Juliette Yardley is a pint-sized dynamo who packs a powerful punch and often gets asked for ID when buying her favourite Rose. If its eggs you want, she’s your woman. She’s got a garden full of chickens. She is also bubbly and cool, but not as cool as her grandma, who, at the age of 70, hung out at the Hacienda with New Order.

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Being a people manager

Being a people manager programme

Management is an art form in understanding and developing great humans. This can be learnt honed and improved.  Inspiring managers motivate and build successful, loyal teams by understanding the individual and what makes them happy.

Laughology’s managers and leaders programmes are refreshingly different. We train individuals to be inspiring leaders who create clear visions to enable their people to thrive. We equip managers and leaders with skills that enable them to develop environments in which employees thrive. Through our dynamic, enjoyable and rigorous programmes we create leaders equipped with the sustainable skills to succeed in today’s global business world. Don’t expect any corporate bull, we believe the best leadership and management qualities are based in human skills such as humour, happiness and empathy.

Our expansive, modular programmes can be adapted for managers and leaders.

Becoming a people manager programme

Course modules can include areas such as:
  • Simple but real good communciation communicating and inspiring a clear vision Feedback, supporting and coaching
  • Developing teams and individuals Understanding different personalities Team work Growth mindset coaching and development skills
  • Resilience Problem-solving Stress management Positive thinking and optimism

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