...increasing opportunities for all children

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...increasing opportunities for all children


The Happy-Centred Schools programme (HCS) is designed to increase opportunities for all children and gives them the skills needed to take full advantage of learning and of the school community.


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Welcome to the Laughology Happy-Centred Schools programme; an evidence-based ‘added extra’ to learning that will enhance the emotional wellbeing of your school community - pupils, parents, teachers, and support staff.

The Happy-Centred Schools programme (HCS) is designed to increase opportunities for all children and gives them the skills needed to take full advantage of learning and of the school community. 

It promotes happiness values researched by LAUGHOLOGY™ to help children and staff enhance learning ability and flourish.  The programme is designed for all children. It gives them the skills needed to stay positive, motivated and to believe in their abilities, using resources designed for and by teachers and children, it helps enhance life skills.


SAVE £800

Offer includes: 

  • Full 3-year licence for over 90 lesson plans and classroom assets.
  • One full inset day to the whole school introducing Happy- Centred Schools programme
  • One half-day session with school champions

Introductory offer price £3,999. 

Normal price £4,800.  

Unhappy children achieve less

In a recent international comparative study  of children’s subjective wellbeing in 15 countries, children in England ranked 14th for satisfaction with life as a whole, and 12th for their school experience. Clearly, there is a pressing need to address the issues that make our children feel unhappy and affect their learning.

The HCS programme is fun and improves school standards

Laughology’s HCS programme pioneered the whole-school approach to systemised wellbeing within schools. The pilot HCS was launched in 2012 in St Matthew’s Primary School in Luton and within two years helped improve standards across a variety of areas, including SATS results. 

The programme is flexible, easy to use and, most importantly, it is fun. Happy children learn more easily and are more engaged with school life. Increasing happiness in children can help break the deeply ingrained, limiting beliefs and self-perceptions that stifle aspiration and hamper the ability to achieve. 

Laughology happiness matrix
The Laughology Happiness Matrix


HCS is based on neuroscience and psychology

The scientific study of happiness has gained traction in the past decade and the HCS programme is underpinned by data and results from studies into happiness from the fields of neuroscience and psychology. 

The principles behind HCS are also drawn from Laughology’s own research. 

The underlying principles of the HCS programme are based on research by academics such as Dr Martn Seligman, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, and Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. 

There are five HCS themes and each is a vital factor in achieving happiness.

Happiness research and surveys repeatedly highlight common themes which people associate with happiness. These themes form the basis of the HCS programme.

The core themes are:

  1. Confidence 
  2. Achievement & Success 
  3. Positive Relationships 
  4. Support
  5. Coping Skills 

Several factors feed into each of these themes. However, each theme is repeatedly identified in studies as a foundation to achieving a motivated, positive growth mind-set.

HCS delivers real life skills

It is important to understand that the HCS programme does not deliver happiness as the ultimate ‘destination’. Rather it promotes happiness as a life skill. An individual’s happiness is reliant on many external as well as internal influences. Everyone will experience sadness, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions in life. This is natural and these emotions and experiences are as important for living a happy and full life.

How does it work?

The HCS programme is designed to run through the academic year in weekly sessions, with a different focus during each of the six half-terms. The content is divided into three stages depending on year groupings. The content of each stage is appropriate for the age groups it addresses, from foundation stage through to YR 6.

The first half-term is concerned with preparing the school for the programme – the set-up. During each subsequent half-term pupils will explore one of the five core themes of happiness. The HCS programme includes digital resources, which include lesson plans, posters and classroom decorations. Resources focus on the five core themes of happiness to help build positive relationships, develop coping skills and gain confidence.

Read more about Laughology Happy-Centred Schools

Laughology blog: Creating Happy-Centred schools and individuals that flourish

Case study: St Matthew’s Primary School

Developing a positive attitude and coping with adversity better

What the HCS programme aims to do is to give individuals the key skills needed to cope with adversity and to develop a positive attitude and mindset, leading to confidence, self-belief, motivation and engagement. We feel when explaining and talking about happiness with children, staff, parents and the wider learning community, it is important to understand and discuss happiness in this context.

The HCS programme embeds these skills in the school by introducing ideas, thoughts and vocabulary which reflect the core happiness themes listed above. Vocabulary plays an important part in the development of behaviours and for this reason the HCS programme relies on carefully selected words and phrases which staff, pupils and parents are encouraged to adopt and use.

Your schools performance will benefit from the HCS programme

The HCS programme will enhance the emotional wellbeing of your school community - pupils, parents, teachers, and support staff, and improve your school's performance.

Call Laughology on 0844 800 1701 to discuss how the HCS programme can compliment your existing school curriculum. 

You can call us on 0844 800 1701, or use this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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