Working happy - Improving well being and emotional intelligence

At Laughology we understand the complexities of working in a highly challenging environment with a variety of people, both colleagues and clients who throw up various needs that can impact on time, energy and resources.

Ensuring teams that work in such challenging environments have tools and techniques to support others as well as managing their own well-being is paramount to a healthy and happy working environment and productive team.

Promoting a happy workforce

Well-being, emotional intelligence and resilience training is essential to promote a workforce that is happy and well, it should be part of a learning and development programme for all teams as a preventative strategy.

Prevent stress related illness and absenteeism

Delegates will be skilled up with techniques that will help them think, act, behave and communicate in a more positive way and help them manage stressful and challenging situations. The workshop or programme will give delegates immediate tools to use to aid positive mental health and aim to reduce stress and prevent stress related illness and absenteeism.

The protection and fostering of staff wellbeing needs to be embedded in management methods and systems. Merely adding 'Protect the wellbeing of staff' to every manager's job description is not a viable approach. Consideration of staff wellbeing must be far more deeply woven into the management and leadership function and part of their ongoing training and approach.


  • To become knowledgeable about the brain and the link to mood, emotions and stress
  • To understand Laughology and current positive psychology techniques for management and prevention of stress
  • To be able to successfully apply new knowledge and to recognise stress in self and others
  • To leave with a personal development plan for feeling better, in control and preventing behaviours and thinking errors that can cause stress and ill health
  • To become knowledgeable of key drivers for happiness and well-being
  • To understand how to promote a positive working environment that promotes well-ness
  • To understand how to continually support staff, even in challenging times
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