Customer service skills

Our UK wide customer service skills programme uses our unique Laugholoy happiness model as a tool to help workforces understand the dynamics of customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

We provide an understanding of the complex dynamic of customer experience. We help your front facing teams get to the heart of the factors that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our research into customer emotional attachment underpins our customer service philosophy. We know that delivering training and development that creates happy teams will also create happy and loyal customers.

We understand the complexities of working with the public and addressing their needs. Our training helps front-facing staff understand different personality types and thinking styles. Out training provides what customers want; a simple, easy and effortless experience.

Our customer service programme is based on the proven ethos that when customers feel engaged, supported and listened to they buy-in to your business. We help you turn your customers into loyal brand with a happy customer service mask over his face

A liberating and exciting customer service skills programme

We use a range of research and modelling, including Laughology’s unique happiness model, to design a customer service programme that will be liberating and exciting for managers, front-line teams and most importantly customers.

Using our expertise in customer emotional attachment, we help you decode the customer journey and build customer experiences specifically designed to create an emotional attachment between your customers and your brand.

Customer service skills that compliment your brand

Founded on the latest research, we design a training framework within which employees acquire the skills needed to deliver effortless, intelligent customer experience. Our programmes are not designed to deliver identikit customer service. We believe in individuality that complements your brand. Delegates will learn skills to help them think, act, behave and communicate proactively. They will learn how to use positive anchoring techniques to promote positive outcomes.

Customised workshops and programmes

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf solutions, our customised workshops and programmes are tailored to the specific needs and culture of your organisation. We work with management, staff and often with customers to identify areas where the customer experience can improve. Our trademark, dynamic, fun workshops breathes new life into your customer service offering, making your service delivery responsive, memorable and fun.

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Customer service skills

Our UK wide customer service skills programme uses our unique Laugholoy happiness model as a tool to help workforces understand the dynamics of customer service...

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