The science behind the Laughology approach

Laughology is a unique approach to communication, development and thinking that uses the psychology of humour and happiness as a foundation.

We have a systematic and science based approach to enable us to develop solutions that are tailor made to your organisation.

We believe the only way to encourage a shift in attitude and behaviour is to focus on people, their development, feelings and skill sets. We pride ourselves on taking it back to basics; using simple language that connects, creating an emotional connection with you and your team, encouraging open and honest conversations and using appropriate humour and fun in all our programmes to engage and motivate.

Successfully delivering Laughology to companies and organisations throughout the UK

The links between happiness, health, well-being and productivity are well-researched. Laughology uses this solid scientific data as a basis for its methodology.

Laughology has delivered successfully in small and large companies and organisations. You can find examples of how we have done this in our case studies section.

Engaging workers and teams

Happiness impacts on so many areas of life and is studied by economists, sociologists and psychologists. The unique Laughology Happiness model for engaging workers and teams was created from our own field research and the ground-breaking research carried out by Martin Seligman and Andrew Oswald. It highlights five themes essential to happiness; confidence, personal development, positive relationships, support and coping skills. Using this model as a diagnostic metric Laughology can identify opportunities for increasing skill sets which encourage higher engagement levels within teams.Image of brain containing motivational words

If we feel good, valued and happy we are more likely to be motivated to behave in a positive way, to make better decisions and to give discretionary effort. Being able to process information in a way that helps you feel better and communicate to others in a way that helps them feel better can change behaviours and attitude.

Creating managers and team leaders who are positive communicators

Our approach uses a mix of behavioural psychology and positive psychology, as well as more traditional developmental tools, to help enhance team skills. Laughology promotes an understanding of how information from the outside world is processed and how we then respond and react to this. Our aim is to help people understand what it means to be flexible and resilient and to create managers and team leaders who are positive communicators, pro-active in supporting continued change and who drive successful teams.

The Psychology of Laughology Thinking Models

As we absorb information from our external environment we build emotional responses to it depending on a number of factors. These responses affect our language and behaviour, which in turn influence other's reactions towards us. Typically, an external event is processed through our internal mental mechanisms and we make an internal representation (IR) of that event.

This IR, combined with the corresponding physiological response, creates a state; an internal emotional condition. We can experience a happy state, a sad state, a motivated state, and so on. An IR can be distorted by previous experience and interpreted negatively or positively depending on factors such as the other people involved, personal history and environment.

Laughology is the practice of understanding how this process works and how we can influence it using positive psychology based in humour and happiness to encourage perspective and gain control over emotions, allowing us a stronger position to obtain the results we want. It uses a flexible, cognitive approach that is easy to learn, sustainable and adaptable.


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