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Laughology Sats workshops for teachers and students, are delivered in schools throughout the UK. Our workshops use the science of happiness to help KS1 and KS2 primary school students cope with exam stress, achieve better Sats results and improve school performance.

Recent research by Dr. Dave Putwain, from Edge Hill University, has found that “pupils who worry about their exam performance are more likely to do badly than those who are less anxious.” The pressure surrounding SATs can be colossal for teachers and children. The drive to hit targets is putting primary pupils under too much pressure according to a recent Guardian blog by the secret teacher.

For children, the pressure is confusing and upsetting and causes anxiety and exam nerves for students whose ability to manage these emotions is not yet properly developed.

Our Year 6 children who were anxious about their end of year tests and performing their leavers' assembly were taught by Laughology, to 'FLIP' negative situations and make them into more positive, less threatening experiences. Their increased confidence and can-do attitude was clear to see, their SATs results pleasing and their end of year show was absolutely fantastic!

Sarah Creegan head teacher - Head Teacher of Ellingham Primary School

Understanding how SATS stress affects student’s brains

Stress blocks communication from the upper cognitive brain and under pressure students can become emotional and find it hard to remember vital information.

Exam pressure can affect a pupil in different ways. Stress blocks communication from the upper cognitive brain and under pressure students can become emotional and find it hard to remember vital information.

For some students pressure is motivation, and they use the energy of the situation to focus and produce their best possible grades. However, for the majority of students, the pressure and their desire to perform well actually has the opposite effect, and leads them to struggle during the Sats.

Our workshops can help you create a stress-free school

Our Sats workshops include:

  • The amazing brain workshop uses rhymes and memory pattern techniques to help children embed learning
  • FLIP it will teach students and teachers about stress and how to control it
  • Becoming brave and great wil focus on creating positive self-talk, identifying negative self-talk and having strategies to combat it.
  • Having practice times that are similar to exam conditions which helps normalise the process
  • Normalising tests and talking about them as much as possible in a non-pressured way
  • Creating a stress-free school for teachers as well as children because mood and behaviours are contagious
  • Creating a ‘get ready’ positive campaign that help children, teachers and parents understand what they can do to make a difference

Laughology is already helping schools acheive better Sats results

Laughology have recently been working with St Matthew’s School in Luton, where all of the Year 6 children, 88 in total, participated in happy-centred school programme, which improved SAT results by 20% on the previous year, by far the best results the school had achieved in recent years and reaching the national average of 60% for level 4 for the first time since 2006.

By ensuring your teachers, support teams, children and parents have techniques to help them manage pressures caused by SAT’s and exams you are increasing children’s chances of doing well.

Call Laughology today to help you and your school get stress proof and exam ready.

We're feeling the love!

The Laughology session was dead funny and was helpful for making me think about how I can be more positive about my exams… I also learnt some great memory tricks to help with my revision and school stuff.
Pheonix, St Christopher’s Independent school

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