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School Pupil Workshop

FLIP it! Keep calm and carry on!

This primary school workshop uses the FLIP model to show primary school children, in yr6, how they can boost their confidence and self-belief and feel ready to try their best for their yr6 SATs.


  • To deliver a high energy and fun session
  • Provide children with practical skills that are easy to remember and use whilst they sit their SATs
  • Develop sense of confidence and self-belief
  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety


  • Children feel motivated and prepared for their exams
  • Children are more confident in their abilities
  • Children understand that they can use a positive mind-set to make real change happen


  • Suitable for students up to the age of 13 - KS3
  • Can be used as part of a PSHE programme
  • This workshop can be delivered as a 60 or 90 minute session

Watch the amazing students at Tolworth School demonstrate how using growth mindset techniques can lead to happier and better performinf schools

This primary school workshop uses the FLIP model to show primary school children, in yr6, how they can boost their confidence and self-belief and feel ready to try their best for their yr6 SATs.

Our body and mind does funny things when we are under pressure, nervous, scared or anxious.It goes into what we call protection mode. It does this to stop us getting hurt, but sometimes by mistake it can stop us doing things we would really like to have a go at and are capable of.

This workshop looks at how children can use their brains and bodies to be calm, brave and cope when things seem tough.

We're feeling the love!

We all really enjoyed the sessions and the ‘Power Pose’ has helped our Year 5/6 indoor athletics team get into the Kingston final next week!
Our Year 6 children who were anxious about their end of year tests and performing their leavers' assembly learnt to 'FLIP' these situations and make them into more positive, less threatening experiences. Their increased confidence and can-do attitude was clear to see, their SATs results pleasing and their end of year show was absolutely fantastic!
Some of the parents have stated that their children loved the sessions and were talking about it ‘non-stop’. The teachers were very enthusiastic about the workshops. Some have mentioned an instant change in their class behaved and that the got a lot out of it. We hope to reinforce the FLIP throughout the school with posters, classroom displays and follow up work.

Pupil workshop pricing

Laughology workshops are delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by a team of dynamic, experienced behavioural experts, with a background in stand-up comedy. We are experts at creating fun, relevant, effective and engaging sessions that help children and young people to learn and thrive.

Facilitator costs are based on demand, expertise and experience and you will get a great experience with everyone.


Children’s facilitator Laughology Facilitator Leading facilitator

Full day can consist of 4 x 1-hour workshops for up to 30 children

£525 £750 £999

We do add travel accommodation and VAT, but where possible will try and match a trainer in your area. We can deliver to larger groups or in assemblies. Give us a call and we can chat through how this could work.

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