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PSHE lessons for Primary Schools


5 Themes
  • Achievement and Success
  • Coping Skills
  • Positive Relationships
  • Self Confidence
  • Support
Lesson plans & resources
  • 200 lesson plans
  • 100s of lesson plan resources
  • Teacher guide
  • P4C
  • Complete programme from only £750
  • FS to Y6

Download FREE PSHE lesson plans

Download your free PSHE lesson plans and resources, from the Coping Skills theme of the Happy-Centred School PSHE programme, to try in the classroom.

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Includes teachers guide, coping skills theme lesson plans for FS to Y6, and supporting resources.

FREE Primary School pupil worksheets

Download two free pupil worksheets in PDF format

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This Happy-Centred Schools Programme free lessons by Laughology are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Watch Stephanie Davies, Laughology CEO, introduce the Happy-Centred School programme

The Happy-Centred School programme is a scientifically-researched, evidence-based primary PSHE programme.

Improving the wellbeing of the whole school community

The Happy-Centred School (HCS) programme will enhance the personal, social, emotional and economic wellbeing and happiness of your whole school community, and support children's mental health.

HCS increases pupil achievement

Increasing happiness in children can help break the deeply ingrained, limiting beliefs and self-perceptions that stifle aspiration and hamper the ability to achieve.

Developed by educational experts

HCS is developed by former headteachers and industry experts in psychology, motivation, engagement and behaviour change. It draws on research by academics such as Dr Martin Seligman, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, and Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick.

Improving SATs results

HCS has received positive feedback from existing HCS Schools. One school saw improved standards across a variety of areas, with a 20% increase in Key Stage 2 SATs results, attributed, by the Headteacher, to an improvement in self-confidence and coping skills of Year 6 pupils.

100s of easy-to-use lesson plans and classroom resources

HCS is a fun and dynamic whole-school PSHE programme which includes:
  • Teachers guide,
  • 6 lesson plans for every primary school year group,
  • support resources for every lesson plan
  • end-of-theme assessment activities
  • P4C
Successful learners

There is a pressing need for primary school pupils to develop lifelong strategies, which will positively affect their happiness levels and improve their ability to be successful learners.

Learning should be fun 

The HCS programme is fun and educational. It uses popular culture and a host of games to reinforce messages and ensure their relevance to today’s young people. As all teachers know; happy children learn more..

Watch the pupils of Kaizen Primary School, Newham, talk about what being part of a Happy-Centred School means to them.

Buy the full HCS programme for your school

What you get

  • Lesson Plans:

    Over 200 PDF format lesson plans (6 lesson plans, for every year group from Foundation Stage to Year 6, for each theme). These include end-of-theme assessment activities

  • P4C:

    Philosophy 4 Children advice and wide range of questions

  • Resources:

    Over 200 additional resources including award leaves

  • Teachers’ guide:

    Teachers’ guide and appendix

  • Format:
    All materials in downloadable print-ready PDF format

Buy the complete programme

If you would prefer to pay by invoice email us or call Vicky on 0844 800 1701

How to buy
  • Choose your School size
  • Click 'add to cart' and make a payment using our secure checkout
  • Click the download link, sent to you after payment has been made, to download your HCS PDF lesson plans and resources
Tiered Pricing
To make the HCS programme as affordable as possible, we have based the price on the number of pupils in your school.
  • Up to 150 pupils: £750.00
  • Up to 250 pupils: £1,250.00
  • Up to 350 pupils: £1,750.00
  • Up to 450 pupils: £2,250.00

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Over 450 pupils: priced on application. Call Vicky on 0844 800 1701 or email vicky@laughology.co.uk

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The Co-Headteacher of Kaizen primary School talks about the benefits of being a Happy-Centred School

Video guide to Happy-Centred Schools

Watch Stephanie Davies, Laughology head-girl, explain how HCS works and how it can benefit your school and pupils.

A small sample from the hundreds of resources available to support the full Happy-Centred School programme lesson plans


The Happy-Centred School programme has been proven to:

  • Impact positively on whole school cultures
  • Raise individual happiness
  • Encourage greater resilience and boost self-esteem
  • Enable teachers to measure progress in PSHE
  • Contributed to raising academic standards

We're feeling the love!

We got the Ofsted call Tuesday after the Happy Centred School Inset day and your words about framing language and thinking positively really resonated with me. Such good timing as it helped me so much.
Children across all year groups at Kaizen have been positively influenced by the Happy-Centred School project. The weekly lessons enable children to think deeply about themselves and ways in which they can develop further.
‘We saw a huge improvement in our children's perseverance, resilience and confidence when learning and tackling new things, including SATs papers!’
Rachel Nye, Headteacher -Tolworth Junior School

Additional support

There are a host of additional extras which can be purchased, alongside the HCS programme. For example:

  • Why not recruit the services of one of the Laughology team to introduce the programme and enthuse staff?

  • Or you could book a day’s INSET on Wellbeing; Growth Mindset; FLIP it thinking or the Amazing Brain.

  • Alongside this, Laughology runs workshop sessions for children, which complement the programme and bring it further to life.

  • To enable whole school targets, and to measure impact, one of the Laughology team could support you by undertaking an independent audit of happiness levels within the school. This would support your judgement of Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.

Some of our Happy-Centred School Partners

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