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Don’t Look Back in Anger: Reflecting on 2020 to Look Forward to 2021

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Date: Monday 18th January 2021 | 12.30 – 1.20pm | FREE

Stephanie Davies & Dave Keeling

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Are you wondering how you can take anything positive from 2020? Do you feel apprehensive about facing 2021?

Well to help you get your heads around 2020 and look forward to 2021, Laughology has got a webinar just for you! We’ll be looking back at some of the human behaviours we’ve adopted throughout this pandemic, as well as observing the quirkier habits we’ve assumed and exploring what we can learn in a sensitive but fun way.

No one would have believed the headlines of 2020 if they had been presented to us at the start of the year.  A global pandemic, clapping for nurses, Brexit, the defeat of a TV reality president... not to mention the great bog roll famine! 

There are so many lessons that we can learn from this year, from the ways we approach our work to the way we lead our lives. How to be more inclusive. Not just to say ‘black lives matter’, but to really mean it in what we say and do. Never to take hugs, family or friends for granted and, most importantly, to turn your camera off when you go to the loo. 

As we move into 2021 however, it’s not all Zoom and gloom. There’s hope around the corner.  With a vaccine on the horizon, we can look forward to the joy of breathing in someone’s armpit on a packed train again. We’ll be able to go for work drinks without socially distancing or having to order a scotch egg as our substantial meal. We can spend time with people other than the ones we’ve been stuck indoors with since March.  

Everyone has mixed views and opinions about 2020. Looking back, it’s important we take some positives and learn lessons from these new ways of living and thinking. We must not just go back to how things were because that’s the way we’ve always done it.  

We all feel differently and it can be tricky to navigate your way through the different opinions, thoughts and ideas, without offending people. Humour can be a great tool to break down barriers regarding some of the more difficult subjects. It’s a fantastic way to bring people together again - to talk about the things we want to take forward, leave behind or just look at and decide at another time. 

So, join Stephanie Davies, Laughology’s Founder and Head of Happiness, along with Dave Keeling,  Lead Happiness Consultant, as they take you through a fun-filled 50 minutes of:

  • An interactive and fun lookback at the top behaviours we’ve all been part of due to Covid-19
  • Lessons learnt from 2020 and a look forward to 2021
  • Ways to communicate effectively and sensitively and have different opinions as we move forward
  • To have a laugh, get together and gather some collective hope going forward

Cost: FREE

Seats: 500

Facilitators: Stephanie Davies and Dave Keeling

Lines will open from 12.20 to allow people to join early.

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