Happy children student workshop

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This introductory workshop will encourage children to think and feel better about life and make better choices. It gives them skills to develop their emotional intelligence and become happier children.

Studies show that happy children and teenagers earn more as adults, cope better with adversity, achieve more and strive harder.

But what is happiness? Is it something we can learn? Is it a skill we can improve? The answer is yes. Laughology’s research into the subject has led to the development of proven techniques to help increase happiness and resilience for the future.


Tools for resilience. Creative positive, relationships.

Greater understanding of emotions and how to manage them.

Techniques for thinking and feeling better for now and the future.


Workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes

Suitable for a class of between 25-30 primary school children

Can be adapted for older groups up to KS




We are offering a 30% discount on any pupil workshop, booked before 31st March 2017 and used anytime during 2017.

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