Engaged happy teams

For years happiness was seen as a fringe interest in a commercial world driven by the pursuit of results at any cost. Today, thanks to scientific studies into the effect of happiness on productivity, the business world has undergone a happiness enlightenment.

21st Century leaders understand that workplaces which promote positivity have happier, healthier, productive and engaged workers. As a result, they see an increase in profits and results.

Laughology has been at the forefront of this happiness revolution. We are arguably the country’s most informed and successful learning and development organisation, delivering programmes that embed a culture of engagement and happiness in workplaces.

We use current research to build robust programmes delivered in fun, engaging ways. We use our expertise in the science of laughter and humour to help you improve workplace mood, develop employee motivation and satisfaction, harness positive communication at work and build stronger relationships.

Our methods

Our bespoke programmes concentrate on the underlying factors that make workers happy. Studies show that salaries and financial perks are not the main causes of workplace happiness. Instead development and progression, workplace relationships and challenges are just as important. Using our unique Happiness Matrix we analyse organisations to identify areas where positive changes can be made and put methods into place to embed happiness and engagement. We focus on well-being, emotional intelligence, relationships and resilience.

We work with employees, managers and leaders as we believe that happy workplaces are created from the bottom up and the top down. In our sessions delegates will be skilled-up with techniques that will help them think, act, behave and communicate in a more positive way.

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For years happiness was seen as a fringe interest in a commercial world driven by the pursuit of results at any cost. Today, thanks to scientific...

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