Diverse workplaces

Laughology continues to lead the way in diversity training and is proud to be the go-to provider for several multi-national blue chip companies. Our diversity training programmes have been chosen to help some of the biggest names in global commerce build agile, representative workforces for the global market.

Increasingly businesses are waking up to the importance of balance within their personnel structures. Balanced senior board teams lead to better corporate performance. Under-representation driven by unconscious bias is recognised as a major handicap to success and competition.

Becoming a diverse organisation is more complex than just adding the right mix to the board. Initially, the process of addressing bias can seem like finger-pointing. Taking a non-judgemental approach is vital in kick-starting debate on the subject. We use humour to break down barriers, engage people and to start conversations around what is often a taboo subject. With our scientific and psychological expertise we understand the processes that create and perpetuate bias and have the tools to help you identify it and overcome it.

Our methods

Our programmes place an emphasis on winning hearts and minds, starting conversations and educating workforces in behaviours that encourage diverse thinking. We analyse language and environments to help enhance equal working conditions for all.

Laughology can work with you to develop and embed a programme in your organisation which encourages a more modern and ethical working environment.  The fascinating, insightful and entertaining programmes give delegates a deep understanding of conscious and unconscious bias and the impact they make on decision making.

We help individuals positively break out of their own embedded mind-sets and give them an understanding of how people learn to think, act, behave and communicate. We explore thinking systems and how to make more balanced fact-based decisions and use current research to explode the myths around gender differences and nature/nurture debate.

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Diverse workplaces

Laughology continues to lead the way in diversity training and is proud to be the go-to provider for several multi-national blue chip companies. Our diversity...

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