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Raising targets - the science of laughter, humour and happiness for raising targets

In this presentation you will learn how to increase laughter and fun in learning and create a happy, positive environment.

Great teachers know how to make learning fun. Enjoying learning is the key to information sticking and ensuring it makes sense. Studies have shown that laughter in learning creates an increase in white blood cell activity and produces changes in the balance of the blood. It also increase the brains production of the neurotransmitters necessary for alertness, memory and learning.

Scientists studying brain based learning say that humour stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. The "right brain" connects the memory to the pleasurable moment of laughter. The "left" brain ties the subject content to a memorable emotional moment.

What this means is that we understand the message better and remember it longer when information is accompanied by humour and fun. Learning and teaching in this way also reduces stress and decreases negative neurotransmitters like cortisol that block learning.

In this presentation you will learning how to increase laughter and fun in learning and create a happy, positive environment. During the presentation you will enjoy practical techniques that can be used in class as well as understanding how to keep control and ensure appropriateness is adhered to. The presentation will present case studies where fun and laughter have been introduced successfully, increasing targets and attendance.

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