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Workshops, training programmes and keynotes, delivered by inspirational and innovative learning and development gurus, built around the psychology of workplace wellbeing and happiness.


Inspiring and dynamic workplace training workshops that use innovative practice in positive psychology to help individuals and teams understand why we make decisions and what influences our behaviour.
upside down tortoise showing resilience and positivity

Building Resilience and Positivity


Resilience and positive mindset can be learned, and Laughology was the first UK L&D consultancy to develop an effective model to help people do this using…

pictures of fragile eggs with mental health symptoms written on them

Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

The Laughology wellbeing and mental health in the workplace workshop will empower your leaders and employees to improve their own and their teams’ happiness and wellbeing.
cubist illustration showing diverse people of different colour and gender

Unconscious Bias and Creating a Diverse Workforce

We developed our unconscious bias and diversity programme using the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. We have advised and consulted with some of the UK’s biggest businesses, helping them to become more diverse and representative.
baby at computer using its think skills to solve a problem

Creative and Innovative Thinking Skills for Problem-Solving

Delivered in a dynamic, interactive style by experts in positive psychology and the neuroscience of learning, the problem-solving workshops uses techniques such as improvisation and play to enhance creative thinking styles.
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Team Building

This fun, enlightening and dynamic workshop creates a deeper understanding of your team’s dynamic and encourages delegates to expand their ability to motivate others and communicate effectively.
two men in a positive relationship communicating down a tube

Positive Communication and Relationship Building

In this positive communication and relationship building workshop we use the expertise we have developed from our background in performance and psychology to decode communicative nuances and deliver a comprehensive, engaging, fun and entertaining investigation of communication.
people in animal costumes trying to improve their presentation skills

Presentation Skills

Our Presentation Skills workshops are delivered by expert trainers who have experience as award-winning comedians, international motivational speakers and business consultants. We cover content including creating a great PowerPoint, dealing with difficult questions, effective storytelling, language techniques, body language, image and presence and turn you into a confident master communicator.
Inflatable creative facilitation flamingos meeting on water

Creative Facilitation Workshop

This workshop will teach you to become a facilitation 'Ninja'. We will show you how to lead inspiring learning events, productive meetings and motivational presentations.
woman experiencing menoppause symptoms at work

Menopause Awareness

This workshop helps you to design a customer experience programme that is liberating and exciting for managers, front line teams and most importantly customers. We tap into the latest research and weave it into our trademark laughter-filled delivery style, helping you to make your customer service effortless and fun.
growth mindset coloured powder

Growth Mindset

This workshop will develop a growth mindset in your organisation and should be used as part of your strategy to address your organisations potential skills gap.
learning and development at lunchtime - smiling plate on dinner cloth

Laughter and Learning @ Lunchtime

Fun-packed 45-minute bite-sized versions of our popular full-fat conference keynotes. You can select one for each Laughter and Learning session you book. The sessions are structured to fit into your team meetings, events, away-days and staff workshops.


All our programmes are designed to move you forward in a positive direction. They comprise a suite of adaptable, evidence-based elements which we build around your needs and goals. We have a reputation for originality and results, and have delivered truly innovative programmes for some of the world's biggest organisations.

Customer service

At the Laughology lab, our research into consumer behaviour drills down into the minds of your customers. We know what they do and why the do it – and we know what you should be doing to build lasting, positive relationships with them

Transformation support

Our transformation and change support programmes are designed to make any process smoother, and create positive outcomes for you and your people. We have a forensic understanding of the psychology of change and use this expertise to help you set clear pathways towards your organisation’s goals and visions.

Workplace Engagement and Happiness

Our workplace engagement and happiness programmes will improve workplace mood, develop employee motivation and increase satisfaction. They build stronger communications and relationships in the workplace. And they are fun!

Truly human leadership

You don't need god-like powers to be a great leader, just an understanding of how your behaviours impact your team and organisational culture. This programme will help you understand what behaviours help make you a better leader.

Being a People Manager

Management is an artform and like all artforms it can be learnt, honed and improved. People management starts with the ability to understand the people around you. People managers inspire others, they develop loyalty, they motivate, and they understand how to build success. People managers make their people happy.

Coaching - Big Chats Little Chats

Coaching just got a 21st Century makeover, and it’s called Big Chats Little Chats (BCLC), a refreshing new coaching programme that turns processes on their head, addresses changing work patterns, redefines management and builds stronger teams and better relationships.


Our team of presenters, come from professional performance backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills including stand-up comedy, psychology and business and learning expertise. They deliver key messages and fascinating insights with laughs, sparkle and pizazz
keynote communication and influence speech bubble

People Communication and Influence

Connecting with people is a vital skill for effective leadership. People who master it gain the keys to success and power.
keynote 50 shades of grey speech bubble

50 Shades of Grey Matter

Conference keynotes for business and organisations

Popular science and some ill-informed media delight in playing up the differences between male and female brains...

keynote introduction to the unconscious mind speech bubble

An Introduction to the Unconscious and Conscious Human Mind

Conference keynotes for business and organisations

Most people do not realise that we are hard-wired to prefer people who look like us, sound like us and share our interests ...

keynote humour as a thinking skill speech bubble

Flip: Humour as a Thinking Skill

Conference keynotes for business and organisations
Imagine having the power to take on challenge and change positively and turn them into opportunities...
keynote growth mindset speech bubble

Growth Mindset

Conference keynotes for business and organisations

‘I can and I will’, goes the saying. David Brent probably had it printed on a mouse mat… and a mug. Maybe even a t-shirt ... 

keynote negotiation and thinking skills speech bubble

Negotiation and Thinking Skills

Conference keynotes for business and organisations

The art of negotiation is one of the most valued skills in all walks of life – just asked the people tasked with delivering Brexit  ... 

Keynote personal development speech bubble

The Psychology of Humour and Laughter as a Personal Development Tool

Conference keynotes for business and organisations

Everyone likes to laugh, and unless you are unnaturally miserable, everyone enjoys humour ... 

Keynote science of happiness speech bubble

The Science of Happiness for Organisations

Conference keynotes for business and organisations

Everyone wants to be happy at work. So why are so many people unhappy? This is one of the great paradoxes of modern organisations... 

Brands and organisations we work with:

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Are organisations and companies just paying lip service?
Join some of the most interesting and respected voices in positive psychology for our Our Big Chat about…Thinking outside the tick box, inaugural webinar. Our two and half hour interactive event will look at the best mental health strategies for organisations, identifying what works and what doesn’t.

Dave McPartlin:

Dave is the Headteacher of Flakefleet Primary School.
Creating the right environment for people and communities to flourish

Sunita Hirani

Sunita is one of the BBC’s key equality, diversity and inclusivity experts.
Why inclusion is essential for mental wellbeing

Professor Sir Cary Cooper

Cary is one the world’s most influential voices in occupational health and wellbeing.
Enhancing Mental Wellbeing at Work. Evidence based strategies for creating a wellbeing culture at work.

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