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Truly Human Leadership Skills


Using trademark Laughology humour and energy, this expansive and pioneering leadership skills programme delivers a fresh, dynamic approach to leadership that allows delegates to understand and develop their own unique brand of leadership.

Leadership is a skill that can be developed and adapted.

Different times call for different leadership styles and at Laughology, we create leaders who are individual, people-focussed, visionary, strategic and equipped for the fast-changing and turbulent times in which we live.

We recognise that great leadership is about developing a deep understanding of your people, yourself and your organisation, and then using this knowledge strategically to the benefit of all. Sustainable leadership is based on strengths, weaknesses, personality and vulnerability. It is not about focusing on outputs at any cost. Laughology leaders understand that creating an organisational culture based on people rather than process is the most effective way for an organisation to thrive.

What’s the difference between a manager and a people manager?

While managers are concerned with the functional aspects of their organisation, leaders are concerned with the strategy. Leaders have a high-level view of the organisation and the direction it is heading. They set the tone and develop an organisation’s culture. They inform, guide and deliver core objectives while steering strategic direction.

Managers will often have leadership qualities and leaders are often former managers. The step up from manager to leader can often be challenging due to the demands and responsibilities of leadership roles. The transition from management to leadership relies on effectively shifting mindset from one discipline to the other.

What does the programme consist of?

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. We develop individual leaders who put people first and then build a strategy around them, or mould a pre-existing one to suit all. Truly human leaders do not need carrots or sticks, and they don’t force conformity. They move their businesses forward by inspiration and insight, and with an understanding of the people they lead. They create environments where people feel safe, understood and supported, and in doing so ensure their business survives when times get tough.

Truly human leaders also understand that leadership alters the way they are perceived by their colleagues and they remain true to themselves and others despite this. They understand their own strengths, limitations, patterns of behaviour and narratives. They recognise how these impact on them, their people and their organisation.

The modules below can be adapted to suit existing frameworks. At the end of each module delegates are placed in learning groups and given a practical task to complete whilst back in their workplaces. They will be encouraged to meet in their groups between sessions and review how the new behaviours are playing out. They will then have the opportunity to feedback at subsequent sessions.


Leading self


This module focusses on self-analysis. It uses dynamic, enlightening and fun delivery. Our facilitators will help delegates identify their strengths and weaknesses while analysing how they react to events. They will learn tools that help manage emotions and behaviours, including our unique FLIP it thinking model.

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We also recommend including elements of our stand-up comedy presentation training in this module. It pushes delegates outside their comfort zones. They learn how to present, how to interact with an audience and how to develop an awareness of reactions in extreme situations – all of which are vital skills for leaders. Our stand-up presentation training brings these skills to life in an engaging, fun and often life-affirming way.

The module gives delegates the confidence to step up and the skills to have positive debates with each other and their senior teams. It gets down to the nitty gritty of who you are and how you behave and leaves delegates with a deeper understand of self and their own leadership qualities.

Leading people


This module focuses on emotional and social intelligence. It helps leaders to develop a greater understanding of how they make the people around them feel. It shows leaders how to adapt to the people around them in a way that inspires, motivates and promotes personal and professional growth. Elements include feedback in a group setting, awareness of listening and language and creating the right environment for others.

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Models such as situational leadership will be reviewed and revisited using practical scenarios to bring ideas to life.

Improvisation can also be used as part of this module. Our improv training covers elements of:

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Attentive listening
  • Spontaneity
  • Collaborative storytelling

The module also focusses on creating the right environment for people to flourish. Delegates will also be taught to recognise the differences between uncooperative/discouraging and curious/collaborative behaviours and language using Laughology’s Four Ps model for having positive debates.

Leadership mindset


Leadership mindset should be flexible and adaptive. This module shows how to achieve this. Delegates will investigate the narratives they use to help them and the people around them move forward. They will learn to recognise unhelpful narratives that hold them back and gain techniques to allow them to focus strategically on realistic possibilities and opportunities. The module shows leaders how to identify changes and challenges and how to adapt positively to new realities. 

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The module will review mindset models such as growth vs fixed, scripted vs adaptive and fast vs slow thinking.

The module encourages debate about real work situations and uses scenarios and practical activities to bring theory to life.

Organisational leadership


This module shows delegates how to effectively align their personal development, and the development of their people, to the organisation’s goals and missions. Delegates will gain insight into effectively communicating vision and strategy in a way that helps people connect.

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The module uses our G.R.E.A.T model for strategic thinking and looks at goal-setting, reality checking, engagement, actions and thoughts. We look at the differences between management and leadership and drill down into the strategy of delegate’s organisations and their role in it.

In this final module we will work closely with the organisation to choose two or three strategic objectives and activities that can be undertaken, helping leaders deliver vision through their learning and sustaining behaviour and change in the organisation.

Build your own leadership skills programme

In addition to these three core modules, organisations can also add other elements, workshops and courses, such as:
We will work with you to identify the best programme design for your organisation.


How long will it take?

We recommend that each module be either a half-day or full-day.

However, if you want to add elements to a module such as negotiation skills or stand-up performance, the modules will be longer. We also recommend at least three or four weeks between modules to give delegates the chance to complete practical activities. There will also be a final session of presentation and reflection.

How many people can go through it?

We recommend a maximum of 20 people in a group

We can facilitate larger groups, but this can leave less time for every delegate to participate in activities.

What measurements will we see?

We can use existing engagement scores as baselines and a range of tools and techniques to monitor and measure progress.

We can set up 360 focus groups and survey the people in your organisation who report directly to the leaders on the programme. This enables us to plot progress at points during and after training has been delivered.

How do we make this sustainable?

Longevity is vital as the processes and techniques delegates learn from the programme should embed and become part of their personal leadership styles

In order to sustain learning we can develop a train-the-trainer process for you and develop organisation-specific content. Alternatively, you can provide your own content that will deliver as part of the programme. As part of the programme, leaders will be encouraged to work in action learning groups. These groups should be sustained after the training to embed behaviours, continue learning, problem solve and support others.

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