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How it all began

Laughology began in 2006 when its founder, Stephanie Davies set out to create a unique, ethical, development tool built around the psychology of humour, laughter and happiness.

Realising that comedy had impacted on her own life she began to develop models of thinking that could use these effects and would be adaptable and used for personal and professional development. She researched the underpinning psychology behind humour, happiness and motivation and designed cognitive and behavioural models to help people utilise these key skills.

Since starting in 2006 and from humble beginnings, Laughology obtained and retained clients such as: NatWest, RBS, Severn Trent Water, International Nuclear Services, HSBC, NHS, Bank of Valetta, Savills, Simmons and Simmons and many more.

Her aim was to develop an approach that was effective, fun and useful both personally and organisationally. Her finely honed communication skills developed through a background in comedy and her exceptional understanding of how to create lasting behaviour change from studies and practices in psychology gave rise to Laughology.

Improving performance across business, education and health sectors.

It is an approach to personal and professional development, communication and thinking that uses the psychology of humour and happiness as a foundation. We offer everything from:

Humour and laughter : powerful tools

When harnessed properly, humour and laughter can be powerful tools for delivering an honest message in a good-natured way that captures the attention of audiences, without using corporate jargon. A recent study found that a sense of humour was seen as one of the most important qualities in effective leaders (Bell Leadership Institute, Humour gives leaders the edge, 2012). Humour allows people to win over audiences; comedians manage to engage with even the most hostile audiences - a skill that is transferrable in work and in life. The cognitive skills used by comics to think quickly and creatively and to communicate on a high level are advantageous in all walks of life.

Positive, fun and progressive training

Laughology identifies a need in all sectors for more positive, fun and progressive training. Studies show that a quarter of all expenditure spent on learning by organisations is wasted. People often feel training is something done to them by the organisation they work in. The Laughology philosophy is simple. It’s about people and how they feel. If they are happy and have techniques to be flexible and resilient they will be more engaged and productive.

A prime focus of any organisation and its teams should be well-being and engagement. These should form the prime focus any organisation development plan. If you are happy in your work and have the coping skills and resilience to face challenges, you are less likely to take time off and more likely to get the job done, give discretionary effort and be positive.

The one fact we need to remember is that we are never going to be happy all the time. Life and work throws up challenges and difficulties on a daily basis and the trick is not to ignore or walk away from these but to face them head on with the right tools and attitude. Facing challenges in a working environment and getting through them is in part what makes us who we are – it builds our character and enables us to learn from mistakes. Laughology works with leaders, managers and front line teams to embed programmes, processes and skills in organisation which allow them to face these challenges and flourish.

Coaches, consultants and facilitators

Our expert team has a wide range of skills and qualifications covering all aspects of individual and organisational needs. As coaches, consultants and facilitators, we believe in principles rooted in happiness, delivered with passion, energy, humour and laughter. Our techniques have the power to transform and re-shape organisational culture, as well as empowering individuals so that each person can make a difference



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