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The Landing is our venue sponsor for this year and will host the National Happiness Awards 2018

The Landing - Media City

In the 1989 Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, the main character, farmer Ray Kinsella, builds a baseball pitch for ghosts because a voice in his head tells him: ‘if you built it, he will come’. Underneath the Hollywood schmaltz, the movie had a message. If you follow your dreams and create the right environment, amazing things can happen.

Ray Kinsella never went to Salford Quays (and as far as we know it’s not haunted), but if he did, we reckon he’d approve of the magic the team behind The Landing have achieved there. The Landing is a venue and workspace in MediaCity and is a truly happy, supportive environment. The team built it, and people have come in their droves. It is a magnet for the brightest, most creative people in the UK. And at the National Happiness Awards 2018 we know that happy workplaces produce happy, healthy and productive people, which is why we are thrilled to announce that The Landing is our venue sponsor for this year and will host the awards in November. Our dreams have come true.

For the 120 or so businesses located in The Landing, the environment is much more than just well-appointed office and co-working space. It nurtures and grows start-ups and sole traders and encourages hard work and success.

“We expect you to work hard, contribute to the community, and grow sustainably. We will help you as much as we can on your way,” it declares.

The space spans seven floors and combines all cross-sections of the digital tech industry to create a unique environment where SMEs can thrive. From digital workflow, post production and interactive media labs to meeting, working and social spaces, it offers everything under one roof. SMEs and micro-businesses also get to work alongside large media and technology organisations, such as the BBC, allowing them to be part of, and to benefit from, the exciting and rapidly growing community at MediaCityUK.

The Landing ethos does not stop at the space and services provided. Businesses and individuals are nurtured, developed and given the opportunity to grow together. There are regular networking events and informative and though-provoking workshops. How many other office spaces hold panel discussions on the role of women in the development of artificial intelligence? And then there are the regular in-house wellness and fitness activities to help mental and physical wellbeing.

For all these reasons, The Landing is a perfect partner for the National Happiness Awards 2018 and will provide the ideal environment in which to stage our big night. We are honoured and overjoyed to have their support and to have them onboard.

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