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North West Charity, Breaking Barriers, nominated for a Happiest Team award

Breaking Barriers North West

Breaking Barriers NW (BBNW) is a charity which was set up to raise awareness and challenge the barriers to the inclusion of disabled children & young people across the North West.

The team at Breaking Barriers, led by the parents of disabled children and supported by an Outreach team and dedicated volunteers, believes that 'being unique should still entitle individuals to equality of opportunity and choice. They aim to break down the barriers to that future'.

'We believe in the celebration of difference, the value of inclusion and all being made to feel welcome.' Says Steph Sherratt, Project Manager at BBNW, in her Happiest Team nomination.

BBNW allows families who have disabled children and young people to spend time together and help each other

Steph goes on to say: 'BBNW works together to allow families to spend quality time together and with others who share similar life experiences.

'We have a unique, holistic approach to improving emotional, physical and mental wellbeing so reducing the risk of families reaching crisis point and ending costly, limited interventions.

'Our groups and activities are based on participation and having fun whilst passing on valuable skills that are relevant to all aspects of daily living.'

BBNW sounds like a fun and supportive environment, borne out by some of the feedback it gets from its team:

"There is always laughter, there is always positivity and there are always mad ideas which everyone without fail wants to join in with!".
"Best job in the world".
"What a brilliant day out!" - volunteer following a day trip to Crocky Trail
"I'm shattered!! That was ace!" - young volunteer following an hour at Be Ninja.
"Yay! More mud!" - cry of joy from Outreach Lead at Tough Swampy fundraiser.
"My favourite Charity".
"I really love working here".

if you think BBNW deserves another nomination go to the National Happiness Award 2018, and send us your nomination on their behalf. Alternatively, send us a nomination on behalf of your own workplace. Nominations close soon, so get a shift on.


Watch a short video about BBNW's SEND activities

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