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Introducing LACE Partners, gold sponsor of the National Happiness Awards

Here at the National Happiness Awards, we believe in the proverb that you can judge a person by the company they keep. Which is why we love to work with people who share our values and support our mission to celebrate the people and places making the world better through happiness.

LACE Partners is one such organisation, and we are delighted to announce that this year they are our workplace gold sponsor.

LACE has made the happiness of the people who work for it and with it a fundamental priority. Wellbeing, positivity and respect are core elements of the LACE ethos, and are all wrapped up in a generous layer of fun.

As founder and COO Cathy Acratopulo, explains: “If we asked our clients to sum up their experience when we work with them and what we stand for, I would hope one of the key words would be ‘fun’. We all try to have fun at work and ensure our clients have fun working with us.”

Value, innovation and flexibility are also part of the LACE mix.

LACE Partners is a consultancy which prides itself on being fundamentally different, which makes it a perfect fit as a sponsor for the National Happiness Awards.

LACErs - as its people call themselves - are experts in creating meaningful change and helping to improve the businesses they work with.

Founder and CEO Aaron Alburey says: “If you are looking to increase the motivation of your employees, if you are looking to engage them more, to improve the way they work and operate, and if you are looking to make a better environment for your employees, we have something to offer for all of that.”

“We absolutely understand what good people change and HR transformation looks like,” adds Cathy.

The LACE commitment to the core themes of happiness goes much deeper than team fun days and flexible working (although these are important). So much so that last year, LACE Partners were finalists in the Happiness Awards.

The company puts the mental health of its people and clients at the top of its agenda.

“Having people at every level of our company who have experienced mental health issues makes us an empathetic and compassionate employer,” says Jenny Alburey, Co-Founder and Research Director. “It makes us care deeply about our LACErs’ wellbeing, it makes us aware of things other companies sweep under the rug. All this gives us an advantage and an edge that others don't have. It makes us a great employer, with happier more satisfied people who are working at their best. What employer wouldn't want that?”

Like all our award finalists, LACE Partners believes that its people are its greatest asset and invests heavily in their happiness. Leaders treat others the way they would wish to be treated themselves. A culture of inclusion and openness permeates the organisation. Work/life balance and positive communication are encouraged and efforts are taken to ensure people are supported and empowered.

The synergy between the National Happiness Awards and LACE Partners’ ethos and practices is obvious. We are honoured and overjoyed to have their support and to have them onboard.

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