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Talent nurturing and graduate programmes

Employers increasingly report that graduates are leaving education without business skills such as the ability to work with others and to communicate effectively.

This skills gap between academic attainment and commercial requirements is becoming acute and often means companies have to recruit rather than promote from within. Finding, keeping nurturing, developing, training and retaining high-achievers and graduates is one of the biggest challenges organisations face.

At Laughology we understand motivation, emotional attachment and the human skills that help people thrive in business. We use this understanding to help our clients provide key workers and graduate recruits with the tools to succeed while building their loyalty within the organisation. In a landscape where the concept of a job for life is outdated, Laughology’s talent and graduate nurturing programmes can help organisations build long-term meaningful relationships with workers.

Our methods

We work with clients to identify the skill sets high-achievers need and lack. We also identify delegate’s passions and ambitions within the organisation, as developing these is key to creating loyalty and engagement.

We design sessions and workshops to address needs and deliver them in our trademark, fun and dynamic training. We use a range of psychological training tools and neuroscience to help talent with the human skills they will need to perform above and beyond the level they work at. We provide delegates with a bespoke toolkit which includes coping skills, resilience, and emotional intelligence. We guide them in building positive relationships and teach communication and presentation skills as well as confidence building skills. We use experiential learning to ensure that delegates embed what they’ve learned in their daily work.


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