It is an approach to learning, development and thinking that uses humour and happiness as a foundation. It encourages learning which is safe, fun and engaging for head teachers, teachers, teaching assistants, pupils and parents.

Happy-centred school programme

Education programme


A scientifically-researched, evidence-based primary PSHE programme.

It will enhance the personal, social, emotional and economic wellbeing and happiness of your whole school community, as well as developing and promoting effective mental health strategies for pupils.Developed by former headteachers and industry experts in psychology, motivation, engagement and behaviour change.

There are five HCS themes.


Cost per pupil


Discount available for larger schoolsMinimum charge for smaller schools is £750 

Call 0844 800 1701 for further details or use the contact form at the bottom of this page

Book an INSET day and buy the Happy-Centred School Programme for:    £2,250  half day INSET £2,750  full day INSET

The HCS programme has been proven to:

Impact positively on whole school cultures

Raise individual happiness

Encourage greater resilience and boost self-esteem

Enable teachers to measure progress in PSHE

Raise academic standards


In a recent international comparative study of children’s subjective wellbeing in 16 countries, eight year olds in England ranked 13 for satisfaction with life as a whole. They also scored poorly for school experience. We know that children’s mental health services need improving and that more work needs to be done, as a society, in terms of prevention (Mental Health Taskforce Strategy).Clearly, there is a pressing need for primary school pupils to develop lifelong strategies, which will positively affect their happiness levels and improve their ability to be successful learners. That’s where the HCS PSHE programme comes in... It is flexible, easy-to-use and, most importantly, it is fun. It uses popular culture and a host of games to reinforce the messages and to ensure that it is relevant to today’s young people. Happy, interested, enthused children learn more easily and are more engaged with school life. Increasing happiness in children can help break the deeply ingrained, limiting beliefs and self-perceptions that stifle aspiration and hamper the ability to achieve. Laughology has received tremendously positive feedback from existing Happy-Centred Schools. Within two years of adopting the programme, one school saw improved standards across a variety of areas, with a 20% increase in Key Stage 2 SATs results. The Head attributed this, in the main, to the improved self-confidence and coping skills of the Year 6 pupils. In another:

‘We saw a huge improvement in our children's perseverance, resilience and confidence when learning and tackling new things, including SATs papers!’

HCS is based on neuroscience and psychology The scientific study of happiness has gained traction in the past decade. The HCS programme is underpinned by data and results from studies into happiness, from the fields of neuroscience and psychology.The underlying principles behind HCS are drawn from Laughology’s own research, as well as research by academics such as Dr Martin Seligman, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, and Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. Additional Support There are a host of additional extras which can be purchased, alongside the HCS programme. For example: Why not recruit the services of one of the Laughology team to introduce the programme and enthuse staff? Or you could book a day’s INSET on Wellbeing; Growth Mindset; FLIP it thinking or the Amazing Brain. Alongside this, Laughology runs workshop sessions for children, which complement the programme and bring it further to life. To enable whole school targets, and to measure impact, one of the Laughology team could support you by undertaking an independent audit of happiness levels within the school. This would support your judgement of Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.

There are five HCS themes and each is a vital factor in achieving happiness.


Coping Skills theme

6 lesson plans for years 5&6

Click to download PDF (28.8mb)

This free theme of Happy-Centred Schools by Laughology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

As part of the programme, during the first half-term, a happiness survey of staff and children can also be undertaken by Laughology

The happiness survey will gauge levels of emotional wellbeing and identify specific issues to address. The survey can either be with a specific year group or with the whole school. The survey is not essential and is carried out as an added extra to the programme at an additional cost. The survey sets a starting point from which progress can be measured and allows a more proactive approach to delivery to help staff understand the focus needed. At the end of the project the survey can be repeated to identify the progress that has been made.

We're feeling the love!

We got the Ofsted call Tuesday after the Happy Centred School Inset day and your words about framing language and thinking positively really resonated with me. Such good timing as it helped me so much.

Children across all year groups at Kaizen have been positively influenced by the Happy-Centred School project. The weekly lessons enable children to think deeply about themselves and ways in which they can develop further.

Our Happy - Centred School Partners

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Pupil workshop's


Laughology pupil workshops are fun and engaging. They provide students with the tools to develop emotional intelligence, happiness, confidence and self-belief.


Exploring what brave and great actually mean and how to ‘become’ brave and great. 
Each child explores in a fun and interactive way...

More about becoming brave and great...


This primary school workshop uses the FLIP model to show primary school children, in yr6, how they can boost their confidence and self-belief and feel ready to try their best for their yr6 SATs.

More about FLIP it...


Inspire your students to find their voices, become creative thinkers and improve their communication and writing skills. Our comedy and improvisation workshops...

More about stand-up..


This introductory workshop will encourage children to think and feel better about life and make better choices. It gives them skills to develop their emotional intelligence and become happier children...

More about happy children...


This session focuses on thinking skills and uses P4C (philosophy for children) inquiry techniques to enable students to think deeply about school, resilience, aspirations and goals...

More about P4C...


Laughology Sats workshops for teachers and students, are delivered in schools throughout the UK. Our workshops use the science of happiness to help KS1 and KS2 primary school students cope with exam stress...

More about getting ready for SATs


Many schools and educators are now using the growth mindset theory to improve the performance of pupils and help them achieve their full potential.

More about growth mindset...

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School conference keynotes



We can work with any size audience and will guarantee laughter as part of your conference, dinner speech or motivational session.

We can deliver a conference address on a topic suggested below and we can ensure it matches to the theme of your conference, just let us know what you would like us to deliver and we will work around it.

All sessions below are suitable for primary and secondary schools. We will speak with you about your conference or school’s needs, and we will design the themes or sessions around your requirements.

We also offer conference packages which can consist of a variety of workshops throughout your event or a whole conference address plus break-out sessions. Do speak to us about what you want we can help with the set-up design and delivery to make your conference unique, fun and memorable.

Our speakers not only have a background in comedy, they also understand the psychology of behaviour and motivation; we can work with any size audience and will guarantee laughter as part of your conference, dinner speech or motivational session.

We will work with you to design a bespoke presentation around any topic or aim, but just to give you a starting point here are some of our hot topics.

Schools that have used emotional intelligence ‘toolkits’ have seen a number of benefits...

Great teachers know how to make learning fun. Enjoying learning is the key to information sticking and ensuring it makes sense…

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children...

Empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning in a fun and creative way increases…

The evolving role of headship means the work of head teachers is ever expanding and demanding. Resilience, creativity and flexible thinking are…

The current structure of the educational system values academic intelligence which does not mean that...

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School workshops and inset days

Laughology Happy-Centred schools is an unique and engaging approach to learning that has been delivered to primary schools throughout the UK.

It is a model of development and thinking that uses humour and happiness as a foundation. It encourages learning which is safe, fun and engaging for head teachers, teachers, teaching assistants, pupils and parents.

Student workshop's

Laughology student workshops are fun and engaging. They provide students with the tools to develop emotional intelligence, happiness, confidence and self-belief.

Laughology can help you and your primary school to:

  • Improve sats results and ofsted outcomes
  • Stress-proof staff and students
  • Embed resilience and happiness in every classroom
  • Increase motivation and confidence in students
  • Enhance engagement & creative teaching techniques
  • Achieve better behaviour and attendance
  • Understand how to improve learning and retention with memory & revision skills
  • Create a happy-centred school 

Laughology works with primary and secondary schools delivering workshops, inset day sessions and bespoke programmes with all school staff and pupils. Every child matters and every child can laugh.

Increased resilience and positivity in primary schools

Our programmes boost communication skills, develop emotional intelligence, increase resilience and improve SATs results. We can deliver tailored or off-the-shelf workshops, and all our programmes are based on academic studies and use proven psychological techniques to encourage positivity in learning.

Skills for teachers and students

The Laughology education team can help enhance aspirations, self-esteem and positive coping skills for young people and adults. We give teachers and young people the skills to stay positive, motivated and to believe in their abilities. Our courses are fun, refreshing and different and provide sustainable tools which staff teams, children and young people can use even after their courses has finished

Teacher workshops & inset days

Each of these workshops below can be delivered as a two-hour workshop session. For a half-day inset, we would recommend choosing two of the workshops below and for a full day we would recommend choosing three.

Our programmes are aligned to current educational policy, such as:

Laughology recognises the importance of being able to equip young people and children with the right skills for the modern world. Our programmes aim to unlock potential, boost communication skills, and develop emotional intelligence and resilience whilst improving results.

We also understand the importance of resilience and happiness for teaching teams and school support teams and know the well-being of all staff is paramount to getting the results you want.

Read the happy-centred school case study for St Matthew’s Primary School in Luton

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