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Creating a Happy-Centred School

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Thursday 23 September 2021 | 7pm – 7.45pm

Sarah Creegan | Laura Drury

Have your school staff lost their sparkle over the past 18 months? Or maybe your school continues to be a really happy place, but you’re looking for ways to further support your team’s mental health and wellbeing?

Whatever the case, this FREE fun-filled 45-minute interactive webinar will give you some top tips for creating a Happy-Centred School... or becoming an even happier one.

At Laughology, we’ve worked with thousands of schools over the past 15 years, improving wellbeing and happiness.

And, whilst breakfast baps are a delicious addition to a Friday morning, we know there’s more to creating a happy school than your team heading off to their first lesson covered in ketchup and egg yolk.

Our sessions are based on research and underpinned by the knowledge that we can’t all be happy all of the time. Individual and team happiness levels rise or fall at the drop of a de Bono hat – or the mention of certain words, such as ‘Ofsted’, ‘SATs’ or ‘Gavin’!

We know the biggest influences on pupils, throughout their school lives, are the adults in the classroom with them. So, happy, well-supported teachers and support staff really have a positive impact on the children too. Win, win!

In this 45-minute interactive session, Sarah Creegan, a former Head and our Lead Educational Consultant, and Laura Drury, Laughology Facilitator, will explore:

  • The importance of laughter and humour in schools, so you can be sure morale is lifted and sustained, even when the photocopier is on the blink and Ofsted are due.
  • Realistic individual and team happiness, so you’re working towards consistent levels of happiness, rather than hoping Friday yoga will provide all the solutions
  • Research into what supports a happy school culture, enabling you to see the difference across the whole school community
  • Practical ways to use Laughology’s themes to create a Happy Centred School, giving you strategies to take away and try immediately

Our session is perfect for school leaders, governors, mental health/wellbeing and PSHE leads. 

So, if you want to review what you currently do, as well as find ways to boost your team’s happiness levels, join Sarah and Laura for this free webinar. There’ll be laughs aplenty and you could even win a Curly Wurly.

And you can’t say fairer than that.

Cost: Free

Seats: 500

Facilitators: Sarah Creegan and Laura Drury

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