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Laughology is an approach to learning, development and thinking. It uses humour and happiness as a foundation for fun, inspirational inset days, conference keynotes, happy school programmes and teacher and pupil workshops. 

We’re experts at delivering fun, engaging training for primary and secondary schools, and the wider learning community.

Our school facilitators are learning and development gurus from the world of education, entertainment, and commerce.


Laughology pupil workshops are fun and engaging. They provide students with the tools to develop emotional intelligence, happiness, confidence and self-belief.
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Becoming Brave and Great

Exploring what brave and great actually mean and how to ‘become’ brave and great. Each child explores in a fun and interactive way...
pictures of fragile eggs with mental health symptoms written on them

Flip It! Keep Calm and Carry On

This primary school workshop uses the FLIP model to show primary school children, in yr6, how they can boost their confidence and self-belief and feel ready to try their best for their yr6 SATs.
cubist illustration showing diverse people of different colour and gender

Improvisation and Stand-Up Comedy

Inspire your students to find their voices, become creative thinkers and improve their communication and writing skills. Our comedy and improvisation workshops.
baby at computer using its think skills to solve a problem

Happy Children

This introductory workshop will encourage children to think and feel better about life and make better choices. It gives them skills to develop their emotional intelligence and become happier children...
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P4C - Philosophy for Children

This session focuses on thinking skills and uses P4C (philosophy for children) inquiry techniques to enable students to think deeply about school, resilience, aspirations and goals...

Getting Ready for SATs

Laughology Sats workshops for teachers and students, are delivered in schools throughout the UK. Our workshops use the science of happiness to help KS1 and KS2 primary school students cope with exam stress...
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Growth Mindset for an Amazing Brain

Many schools and educators are now using the growth mindset theory to improve the performance of pupils and help them achieve their full potential...


Laughology INSET day training sessions will provide you with a blend of theory and practical skills, to take back to the classroom and use every day for increasing engagement, learning and motivation.

Each of the inset day workshops below can be structured into two-hour, half or full day training sessions, which can include themes and topics which are important to your school.

Bringing Out the Best in Every Child

Understanding how to help children believe in themselves as well as the people around them…

Leading an Excellent School

Laughology can help you enhance the range of leadership skills needed to help you and your school achieve excellence…

Wellbeing in Schools - Inset Day Workshop

This teacher inset day workshop will offer guidance and practical tools for improving emotional wellbeing in schools...

Raising Standards

This teacher inset day workshop will be a mix of theory and practical skills to take back to the classroom and…

Flip for Teachers

Learning how to apply Laughology's cognitive techniques for developing a positive psychology toolkit...

Creating a Happy Centred School

This teacher inset day workshop will be a mix of theory and practical skills to take back to the classroom…

Creating Mindfulness in the Classroom

The positive effects of mindfulness for learning when implemented over a period of time have been seen to...

Teacher Twilight Sessions

If you would like a booster session for your team to help with resilience, feeling good, fun techniques for the classroom or a team session we can deliver…


We can work with any size audience and will guarantee laughter as part of your conference, dinner speech or motivational session.
keynote communication and influence speech bubble

Creating a Happy-Centred School

Schools that have used emotional intelligence ‘toolkits’ have seen a number of benefits...

Raising Targets - The Science of Laughter, Humour and Happiness for Raising Targets

Great teachers know how to make learning fun. Enjoying learning is the key to information sticking and ensuring it makes sense…
keynote introduction to the unconscious mind speech bubble

The Importance of Play for Brain Development

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children...
keynote humour as a thinking skill speech bubble

Memory Techniques for the Classroom - The Amazing Brain

Empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning in a fun and creative way increases…
keynote growth mindset speech bubble

Leading an Excellent School

The evolving role of headship means the work of head teachers is ever expanding and demanding. Resilience, creativity and flexible thinking are…

Bringing out the Best in Every Child

The current structure of the educational system values academic intelligence which does not mean that...


Laughology Happy-Centred Schools programme is an evidence-based ‘added extra’ to learning that will enhance the emotional wellbeing of your school
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Happy-Centred Schools Programme

The Happy-Centred School programme is a scientifically-researched, evidence-based primary PSHE programme...


Brands and organisations we work with:

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Are organisations and companies just paying lip service?
Join some of the most interesting and respected voices in positive psychology for our Our Big Chat about…Thinking outside the tick box, inaugural webinar. Our two and half hour interactive event will look at the best mental health strategies for organisations, identifying what works and what doesn’t.

Dave McPartlin:

Dave is the Headteacher of Flakefleet Primary School.
Creating the right environment for people and communities to flourish

Sunita Hirani

Sunita is one of the BBC’s key equality, diversity and inclusivity experts.
Why inclusion is essential for mental wellbeing

Professor Sir Cary Cooper

Cary is one the world’s most influential voices in occupational health and wellbeing.
Enhancing Mental Wellbeing at Work. Evidence based strategies for creating a wellbeing culture at work.

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