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Happiest Team 2018 – Why they won, what they did next and why you should enter?

Theodoaras - Happiest team - national happiness awards

For baby turtles, the euphoria of hatching quickly wears off. As soon as the little ‘uns claw their way out of their sandy nests they face threats. Seagull and shark attacks are common. Recently they also run the risk of being placed in Tupperware containers by well-meaning TV presenters for cutesy Blue Planet Live broadcasts. Where are the parents, you ask? Well, mummy and daddy turtle absolve themselves of their parental responsibilities as soon as the egg leaves the egg hole (not an anatomical term, granted).

At The National Happiness Awards, we like to think of all our winners as our baby turtles, striving out in the world after their happiness rebirth. But unlike feckless turtle guardians, we keep an eye on our adopted happiness offspring and follow what they do next. So hands off Packham, we’ve got it covered!

Last year’s Happiest Team was the Giggle Doctors at Theodora Children's Charity. This squad of specially trained performers bring joy and laughter to sick and disabled children as part of an organisation which believes that all children deserve happiness.

There's much truth in the adage that laughter is the best medicine and each year over 33,000 children benefit from visits by the team.

After the awards, the charity continued to fulfil its mission and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019. It continued to build community links with a range of fundraising initiatives and highlighted the importance of play and happiness on a national scale. It partnered with Fundamentally Children, a team of experts on children’s play. Theodora Children’s Charity took part in a campaign launched by the organisation which looked at whether children in the UK are receiving a healthy balance of different play activities. The campaign study discovered that some children are missing essential play opportunities. The affected group included many sick and disabled children in hospitals. As a result, their growth and development was affected, particularly their social and emotional skills. This is where the Giggle Doctors come in. They help to address this problem, ensuring that play, and all the benefits that come from it, are accessible to all children regardless of how unwell they are. The campaign highlighted this important issue.

Why you should enter, according to Theodora Children’s Charity:

“It’s amazing to win. It’s a fantastic evening, there’s a really happy and supportive vibe and it recognises the importance of happiness.”

What you could win if you become the Happiest Team:

  • An invitation to one of the funniest, best awards nights of the year
  • £300 voucher of choice to share (under 10 people), £500 voucher of choice to share (over 10 people)
  • A sparkly award to pop in your cabinet and no expense spared certificate
  • A chance to share with the world why your team is the happiest team
  • A video of you winning on the night and some fab photo’s
  • A morale boost like no other
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