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Kelly Moore, from Regents Park Community College, receives nomination for Happiest School Person 2018

Pupils at Regents Park Community College

We have had some great Nominations for the National Happiness Awards 2018 during the last few days. This nomination for the schools and education category of the awards comes from Vanessa Loubier, a Modern Foreign Language Teacher at Regents Park Community College in Southampton.

Vanessa has nominated Kelly Moore. Head of Year Support for Year 8 and Year 9, in the Happiest School Person category of the awards, She says:

'As a teacher, we do not get the chance to know each student as much as we would like. Each time I had needed to find new strategies to support a student I have been able to ask Kelly Moore questions about it, and she always took the time to advise a non-condescending or patronising way. Children love her as they can count on her as much as every single one can in our beautiful community college'.

Other comments from colleagues Kelly's colleagues include:

'When I joined the school Kelly was the cleaner, she was always in school at 6 am and would welcome all the students. The rapport she had with kids, the way she was so friendly with everyone, was noticed and Kelly was given a pastoral role. For many years she did both jobs! Kelly came to RPCC as a student, and she knows many families in the community'.

'She has supported me with numerous residential visits including to Berlin and Amsterdam. It is always fantastic to have such an experienced, positive, funny and valued member of staff attending on a school trip abroad. She is always on-hand in any situation to save the day!'

And a nomination for Happiest School Person wouldn't be complete without the support of pupils, and it looks like Kelly is a very popular Head of Support:

'Miss Moore has always been there for me and helped me out with my bully problems during late detention'.

'She helped me by helping my friends'.

'She made me feel welcome and happy when I came in year 7'.

'Miss Moore is always around for any problem you may have, whether it is family issues, out of school problems, or little in school problems. She is the superhero for troubled teens'.

'I was once bullied and threatened so I went to Miss Moore and she helped sort the situation, and now the "bully" has stopped bullying me'.

'She has helped me by resolving my friendship problems when I have had arguments and has made me laugh when I am sad. She brightens my day when I see her, and she has also helped my friends get through tough times for which I am grateful. Miss Moore helps anyone no matter what, and she is one of my favourite teachers'.

Does your school have a Miss Kelly? Or maybe your business has a person who you feel deserves a nomination for Happiest Workplace Person 2018. Visit the awards page to find out more about the awards and how to nominate.

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