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Happiest Team nomination - HCT Podiatry Admin Team, St Albans

HCT Podiatry Admin Team - Happiest  Team nomination

The nominations for the National Happiness Awards 2018 have only been open a few days, and already entries have started to roll in. One of our favourites so far is from Lindsey Kelly who nominated the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust Podiatry Admin team in St Albans for the Happiest Team award.

As part of her nomination, Lindsey said:

"I have worked with this team since November. We are all pretty new apart from our fantastic supportive and delightful-to-work for manager, Jenni Schooley, and Supervisor Sarah Brown. They have both worked for the NHS podiatry for years.

"We all seemed to have clicked and have the funniest days together, with plenty of belly laughs, but we all also give the job 100%. We all help each other and are there for each other like a work family.

"I feel we have known my colleagues for such a long time because we all get on so well. We have also had some difficult times between us too, but all stand as one to support and care for each other. We also put our patients first and strive to give them the best care we can, as admin staff, to the best of our ability.

"We organised a hat day in our office for World Brain Tumour Day which was a great success.

"Our team was also nominated for the leading lights award in June for providing excellent support services.

"I've attached some photos of us socialising as a team, and I think you can see from our faces the enjoyment when we're together."

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