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Crown House Publishing back the National Happiness Awards for a third year

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Here at the National Happiness Awards we like clumsy, overblown metaphors. Which is why we like to describe our long-standing relationship with Crown House Publishing as a deeply spiritual bond. In fact, if the story of the Awards were written in biblical terms, Crown House Publishing would be there with us at the beginning, in the Garden of Eden. An Adam to our Eve.

Crown House Publishing have backed the National Happiness Awards since the start. To paraphrase the Holy Book: ‘In the beginning Laughology created the National Happiness Awards, and Crown House Publishing saw that they were good, so decided to sponsor them.’ Hallelujah!

Not only was the award-winning independent publisher the first National Happiness Awards sponsor all those years ago (2016), but our bond goes back even further. You see, we have history. Crown House Publishing is the esteemed publisher behind the Laughology book, Laughology: Improve Your Life With the Science of Laughter (available online, in all good bookshops and in a few ropey ones as well). They also publish works by Laughologist Dave Keeling.

For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to introduce the specialist education, personal development and coaching publisher as the National Happiness Awards education silver sponsor for 2018, continuing our valued shared history.

The reason Crown House Publishing and the National Happiness Awards are such a perfect fit has much to do with our shared ethos. Like the National Happiness Awards, Crown House Publishing cares deeply about helping those in education achieve the best outcomes. The publisher’s roster of authors reads like a Who’s Who of educationalist superstars, mavericks and oracles. It publishes books by Vic Goddard, the acclaimed head teacher from Educating Essex’s Passmore’s Academy, Independent Thinking’s Ian Gilbert and government curriculum adviser Professor Mick Waters.

Through the huge list of books it publishes and the talent it nurtures, Crown House Publishing gives voice to a remarkably diverse spectrum of opinions, advice and ideas that all have a common theme; to improve lives and help people be the best they can. In our humble opinion that is a very worthy pursuit and is why we are so pleased to have our old pals back on board for this year’s awards.

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