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Truly human leadership

You don't need god-like powers to be a great leader, just an understanding of how your behaviours impact your team and organisational culture. This programme will help you understand what behaviours help make you a better leader.

Our Truly human leadership programmes help leaders inspire, coach and empower people to deliver and progress in work and life. The behaviours a leader demonstrates has a huge impact on how teams feel. Our courses are designed to focus on how and what behaviours drive effective human based leadership.

Course Modules can include areas such as:


  • Inspiring, simple and humour based communication and presentation skills
  • Team development
  • The neuroscience of human potential; how to help people be their best with growth mindset
  • The importance and power of humour, empathy and vulnerbility

    in leadership

Vision crafting and strategic thinking

  • Problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Driving change and smarter ways of working
  • Delivering an inspiring plan
  • Metacognition for higher level thinking


  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Positive thinking under pressure
  • Explanatory styles for managing stress
  • Developing positive thinking and realistic optimism

Our bespoke programmes are flexible and adaptable. We work with you to design a programme that is as individual as you and your organisation and that meets your needs and goals and can add other modules such as presentation skills and unconscious bias.

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