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Prestonpans Primary School nominated for ‘Happiest School’ award

Prestonpans Primary School is based in East Lothian where its vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children recognise and achieve their fullest potential so they can make the best contribution to Society.

Hannah Moss, who nominated Prestonpans, said about the school:

‘The happiness and wellbeing of staff are of huge importance to the management team and as such one collegiate session is organised for us to spend time doing something nice together.

‘There is a staff whiteboard where nights out, lunches, hen nights and other events are organised, and most members of staff attend.

‘The pupils are often asked what they need from their school to make it a happy place and recently the school have invested money in games and toys to enhance the children's enjoyment at play times.

‘We have a school wide focus on growth mindset which leads to the children and staff being more positive individuals which are conducive to a happy place. All new staff comment on how much of a team we are at Prestonpans and we try very hard to spread the team to involve the parents where possible.

‘As a school in a fairly challenging area it is so important that we keep staff, pupils and parents as happy as is possible. It helps us all to be the best we can be.’

Prestonpans Primary School sounds like an exceptional candidate for a Happiness Award.

Go to the Awards page to find out how to nominate your school or staff for a Happiness Award 2016 . Nominations close on the 17th October 2016.

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