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Garswood Primary and Nursery School nominated for Happiest School Award 2016

The Laughology Happiness Awards 2016 are proving a very popular way for schools and universities, to show their appreciation for all of the hard work put in by teachers and support staff throughout the UK.

Our latest school nomination comes from Garswood Primary and Nursery School, who have nominated themselves for the 'Happiest School' award.

Les Moon, who submitted the nomination said about his school, 'Having recently returned from maternity leave, I'm one of the few people who actually enjoys returning to work to our wonderful school.

'We bound into each year with a Jackelope philosophy. A dance bell sounds randomly throughout the day. Each assembly includes staff and pupils with a recent staff storm trooper dance to conclude our 'Garswood Got Talent' Show.

'We have friend buddies, house captains, wake up and shake up, dough dancing on a regular basis. Our annual events include the whole Garswood community, and invites are sent out for Harry Potter nights, quizzes, bingo, discos, Garswood bake off, Halloween discos, Grandparents week to name but a few.

All in the name of combining staff, parents and children together as one big happy team. Not a day goes by that you can't hear laughter through the halls (normally the head teacher). Assemblies are something to look forward to and not dread. If lessons aren't fun, they are not memorable. We class 'positivity and laughter' as one of our 'non-negotiables' at the start of the year.'

We are not sure who is having the most fun here: the teachers or students?

Can your school come close to Garswood Primary and Nursery School? Don't worry; your school doesn't need a 'dance bell' to be nominated.

Go to the awards page to find out how to nominate your school and teachers. Nominations close on the 17th October 2016.

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