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Growth mindset for business

How do you measure success and failure in your business? Do you focus primarily on results or do you reward your staff based on their efforts, ideas and how much they have achieved?

Research has shown that companies which only focus on target-based results create cultures which suppress growth and stifle innovation. The results are unhappy and inward-looking workplaces. This is described as a fixed mindset culture.

Businesses and organisations which encourage people to believe they can develop, grow and improve, create innovative, forward-thinking, creative workplaces which embrace risk and use failure to learn. . This is described as growth mindset culture.

Developing growth mindset in organisations will raise standards and create happier places to work

Neuroscience tells us that intelligence and ability is not set. Consequently, leaders who enable learning and encourage others to have self-belief willbuild engaged teams which flourish with ability andpositive outcomes.  This is how growth mindset is developed.  Understanding more about the brain and how it works helps people and organisations to increase ability and harness potential. 

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