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Leading a team often feels like you’re spinning plates. You want to get the best out of everyone, but you also want morale to stay high and your people to be happy. Our resources can help you do just that.

Leadership & management videos

Welcome to our selection of videos to help you improve your leadership skills. In this section, you’ll find two types of videos to watch - our longer recorded Webinars (30-40 minutes) or our Bursts (under 2 minutes). So whether you just need a quick tip or a longer piece of training, we’ve got you covered.

Tips and Tricks for building a successful hybrid environment

Stephanie Davies (50 mins)

Hybrid working is the future! We know hybrids are better for the environment, but how can you make a successful hybrid working environment for all? Our Big Chats, Little Chats webinar is here to help you, sharing some simple techniques to get you started.

Creating a culture of innovation and growth

Stephanie Davies (40 mins)

Does your company enable or block innovation? How can you create a culture where innovation is part of the DNA and how does this work virtually? Well, here at Laughology, our FREE webinar is ready to introduce you to some ideas that are simple but effective, to make sure innovation is no joke in your organisation.

Big chats, Little Chats - What's it about?

Stephanie Davies and Dave Keeling

In this introduction to Big Chats, Little Chats, Laughologist Dave Keeling and CEO Stephanie Davies share why there's no great secret to creating a coaching culture and how with some simple steps we can all have conversations that count.

FLIP It Thinking

Stephanie Davies (30 mins)

FLIP-it Thinking is a technique to help manage negative thinking and build resilience. It can be used as a trigger word; "How can we FLIP this" and broken-down is a toolkit for thinking challenges through in a positive way.

Role modelling on Vimeo

Dave Keeling
Learn what to do and what not to do in this short film about role modeling

What is feeding forward?

If you want to know more about feeding forward, our introductory video will help you understand just how it can improve performance.

An introduction to transactional analysis

Want to know more about Transactional Analysis? Our short video tells you the most important bits you need to know to improve communication.

An introduction to growth mindset

You've heard of growth mindset, but what does it actually mean and how can it help you improve? This video explains it all in simple terms so you can fully understand the benefits.

Leadership and management cheat sheets

Welcome to our Cheat Sheets - downloadable resources for you to use immediately. Each Cheat Sheet can be used with your team to help you improve your leadership skills. From communicating more effectively to leading with confidence, just click and download the ones you need.

Laughology resources are copyright of Laughology Ltd and are protected by intellectual property laws.  They can be reused as expressed for creative commons purposes as Laughology resources only and must be attributed to Laughology.

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