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Wellbeing impacts directly on bottom line. Research proves that higher levels of wellbeing result in contented, productive, creative workers who take fewer sick days, earn more and are valued highly.

Our flexible consultancy service will audit wellbeing levels on and individual and organisational basis and design bespoke solutions and services to enhance them. Our consultants are experts in psychology and organisational development. We take a holistic, analytical approach to wellbeing and explore both mental and physical health across organisations. We analyse positive and negative working practices and design solutions to boost wellbeing and address issues such as absenteeism and disaffection.

Our methods

We have a team of expert consultants who have a range of experience across all sectors. We draw on our experience and research in areas such as neuroscience, motivation, analytical psychology, team and organisation dynamics, workplace design and mental, physical and occupational health.

We survey and analyse work environments and practices and work with individuals, management and staff to identify areas where wellbeing can be enhanced and improved, ensuring teams that work in challenging environments have tools and techniques to manage their own wellbeing and to support others.


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