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Our consultants, coaches and facilitators have experience and expertise in psychology and organisational development. We use flexible, dynamic techniques coupled with an investigative, analytical approach to design effective, engaging, bespoke business solutions.


As arguably the UK’s most informed training organisation concerned with the science of happiness and humour, Laughology has led the way in workplace happiness and engagement.

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Wellbeing impacts directly on bottom line. Research proves that higher levels of wellbeing result in contented, productive, creative workers who take fewer sick days, earn more and are valued highly.

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Culture change

Change can be divisive in an organisation and often provokes a range of emotional responses; both positive and negative. Having an awareness of these feelings and managing reactions towards change is an important part of any transformation process.

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Laughology business coaching is an individual service. We recognise that each client has unique needs, expectations, goals and challenges.

We know that optimistic people perform better, work better and think better. So while our coaching isn’t designed purely to make people happy, it calls upon our research into positive psychology to provide clients with techniques and tools they can use to achieve their goals, such as our exclusive FLIP coaching tool; a sustainable cognitive tool to help people reframe and refocus challenges.

Our coaches have a wide range of experience and backgrounds and work with leaders, directors and senior executives. They are skilled in behavioural and organisational psychology and possess a vast knowledge of coaching models. 

Our methods

We have a team of expert coaches who can work with you to design a confidential, solution-focussed coaching programme to suit the needs of you or your team.  We deliver team coaching sessions or individual sessions for team members, executives and managers.

We will provide the structure, inspiration and support to assist you in unlocking your potential in life and in business.

We believe great coaching is based on trust, skill and measurable goals.  As everyone is different, each coaching programme will be tailored to meet the needs of you and your organisation. 

We draw on our research in areas such as neuroscience, motivation, analytical psychology, team and organisation dynamics, emotional intelligence and communication strategies. We build coaching programmes to fit in with your personal and team development.  

Using deep questioning and analysis we help individuals understand their decisions, motivations, behaviours and actions. We identify factors blocking success and happiness and focus on strengths and opportunities for development to support personal and business growth.


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Are organisations and companies just paying lip service?
Join some of the most interesting and respected voices in positive psychology for our Our Big Chat about…Thinking outside the tick box, inaugural webinar. Our two and half hour interactive event will look at the best mental health strategies for organisations, identifying what works and what doesn’t.

Dave McPartlin:

Dave is the Headteacher of Flakefleet Primary School.
Creating the right environment for people and communities to flourish

Sunita Hirani

Sunita is one of the BBC’s key equality, diversity and inclusivity experts.
Why inclusion is essential for mental wellbeing

Professor Sir Cary Cooper

Cary is one the world’s most influential voices in occupational health and wellbeing.
Enhancing Mental Wellbeing at Work. Evidence based strategies for creating a wellbeing culture at work.

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