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The art of emotional leadership - The neuroscience and skills needed to be a great leader.

Everyone from leaders to front line workers has a unique part to play in enhancing, and even transforming employee engagement.  We offer one-off workshops or bespoke leadership programmes.

For leaders and managers, engagement is the key to organisation effectiveness and ultimately bottom line and it has to start at the top. When times are tough and challenging, teams look to leaders to guide and motivate them.

Increasing your personal skills

The complex role of working as a leader or manager is about increasing personal skills; understanding different personality types, thinking styles and being faced with being the motivator to others. Having techniques to help you manage your own mood, put others in 'good humour', be resilient, self-motivated and motivate others amongst other more technical skills is a must. Being the 'go-to leader or manager' that is approachable and supportive when others need you are all part of the skills needed in today's working environment.

Improve your self-awareness and engage with employees

Everyone can benefit from gaining knowledge on how we are motivated as humans and how to use tools, techniques and language to help motivate and move others forward.  In our workshops and programmes we include:


  • Enhance your ability to engage with employees by improving your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Self-management capability
  • Understand how to improve trust and build meaningful positive relationships with your team
  • Know how to promote a positive working environment where teams grow and develop
  • Increase retention and productivity
  • Develop a more cohesive, collaborative and results-focused team
  • Recognise key motivators for you and your team and know how to use these to your advantage.



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