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Scheduled Mind the Gap webinars. Limited places available. 

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Even before the corona virus crisis, mental health issues were the number one cause of long-term absence among UK workers. Lockdown will have undoubtedly exacerbated this issue. Supporting people to be mentally ready for a return to work, and to cope with changes in work patterns and practices, is a major challenge for organisations.

Mind the Gap for managers

Managers need to learn to have sensitive conversations to support the mental and physical wellbeing of their teams, who are both remote and in-situ.

To motivate, they need to make people and teams feel psychologically safe. They need to lead with empathy and direction.

These people skills will be crucial for organisations as they transition back to productivity.

We have developed an online foundation course, delivered through virtual classrooms, to help guide managers through these changing times:

Manager workshops: 2 x 90 min webinars: (Ideal participants 30)

Part one:

Leading and managing through extraordinary times

  • Creating virtual and physical psychologically safe environments
  • Managing, motivating, and communicating with virtual teams
  • Supporting teams to flourish through complexity, with agility and flexibility
  • Creating a Work-Ready Action Plan (WRAP*) with your team


  • Creating the right environment cheat sheet
  • Practical activity sheet for creating the right environment
  • Downloadable WRAP

Additional activities:

  • Devising a psychological safety plan
  • Devising a WRAP for your team

Part two:

Big chats, little chats** for mental health and wellbeing

  • Toolkits for supporting mental health and wellbeing
  • Identifying concerns early and developing prevention plans
  • Supporting and signposting when challenges arise
  • Introducing FLIP for building resilient, future-focused teams


  • Mental health cheat sheets
  • FLIP introduction cheat sheets

Additional activities:

  • Activities for managers to promote positive mental health and resilience
  • Developing regular check-ins
  • How to support psychological safety with visual triggers and mental triggers

Mind the Gap for teams

A single 90 min webinar for teams which we recommend accompanies the manager programme

Return to work will raise concerns over safety, wellbeing and change. Some people will work from home, which requires a new mindset and new practices. Resilience, agility and adaptability are core skills. People will need to learn quickly and modify how they work at short notice. 

This 90 min webinar introduces

  • Growth mindset skills for agility and adaptability
  • Skills for building resilience and positive mental health
  • Creating a WRAP


Timing allows for Q&A. Large groups are possible but please bear in mind this affects how interactive we can be with individuals. *Laughology acronym alert **Laughology’s coaching programme

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Learning and development workshops

We are chuffed to announce that Laughology L&D workshops are now open to the public

Laughology delivers learning and development workshops and programmes to organisations throughout the UK. But for some of you, that's not enough. You asked us if we ever run public workshops outside of the workspace. Well, now we do.

Over the last few months, we have been working our little socks off to develop a number of our commissioned L&D workshops, so they can be delivered in smaller venues with more delegate interaction and learning.

Enjoy! And let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. More workshops to follow soon

Creative Facilitation Skills

1 day learning and development workshop

This workshop will teach you to become a facilitation 'Ninja'. We will show you how to lead inspiring learning events, productive meetings and motivational presentations.

Our workshops are delivered by expert trainers who have experience as award-winning comedians, international motivational speakers and business consultants. We cover content including creating a great PowerPoint, dealing with difficult questions, effective storytelling, language techniques, body language, image and presence and turn you into a confident master communicator.

Creative facilitation workshop includes:

  • Engaging your audience

    Scientific and innovative insight into how we access and absorb information. The importance of emotional engagement in your role as a facilitator/trainer/learning guide.
  • Confidence, faking it and delivering with passion

    Using exercises and interactive theory, delegates will be given techniques to help them lead sessions in a way that is confident and assertive while being aware of different personalities in the room and individuals may need from a facilitator to fully engage and learn.
  • The learning process

    People learn best when they experience a situation for themselves and can relate it to their life. Including discussions and activities within a learning session, encourages understanding. As well as this having a clear understanding of what to do next to implement learning, motivates learners to do things differently or change behaviours. Therefore, having a process to ensure delegates have tangible takeaways as well as developing a personalised, fun and original ways to check objectives have been met will embed learning further.
  • Creative facilitation, ideas and creating original content

    We know the most effective way to learn and teach is to engage people emotionally. The brain works best when positive neuro-transmitters are firing. Therefore, as a facilitator or trainer if you can help the brain fire through enjoyable and inspiring content – you will get better outcomes. It’s simple the brain is drawn to things it enjoys, it creates stronger neuro-connections which mean the information is stored and retrieved better. Delegates will gain insights into best practice for creating content in a way that does this.

    Teams will have a chance to perform a short (max 7 mins for each small group –) presentation to the rest of the team to include what they have learnt and share something about their expertise.

    Each delegate will also receive electronic resources/links and further information to help them be great trainers and design great sessions going forward.



LONDON - 4th Dec, 2020

One Drummond Gate, Pimlico, London SW1V 2QQ

Early Bird runs out 31st Oct, 2020
  • Standard

    £495 + VAT
  • Early bird

    £395 + VAT

This creative facilitation workshop is also available as a commissioned workshop.

Find out more on the Laughology public workshops page

Course facilitator is Kerry Leigh

Kerry is a professional comedian and compere and was the child star of the Operation board game TV ads

Find out more about Kerry Leigh

Liberty Living

Wendy Garrett

The presenter was great, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very funny. I gained a lot from the workshop which will help me to deliver stats in a more engaging way, how to be and feel more confident when you're not, and to know It's OK not to know the answers to your audiences’ questions.

Atkins, Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology

Great. The presenter really motivated everyone...Many of the participants have raved about how much they enjoyed the course and how useful they found it.

Hull University

Kate Jude

The presenter was knowledgeable, relaxed style, funny and engaging. It will help me stimulate group discussions by using some of the tools and technique.

The Food People


The most important things I gained from the course was how to engage the audience through storytelling, the importance of group discussions and developing confidence in facilitation. The facilitator was really engaging and a great example of an engaging facilitator.


Find out more on the Laughology public workshops page

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Training workshop for organisations


Laughology mental health at work training will empower business owners, managers and HR and occupational health departments, to improve mental health, happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.


  • Promoting positive behaviours
  • Stress prevention
  • Increasing happiness
  • Understanding mental illnesses and preventative measures
  • Recognising early signs and symptoms
  • Normalising conversations and developing a resilience toolkit
  • Reducing absenteeism and long-term sickness

Suited to:

  • Managers & HR
  • Leaders
  • All Teams

Delivered as:

  • Keynote
  • Two hour intro
  • Half or full-day
  • Transformation or training programme

Why it's important to promote wellbeing in the workplace?

There is still a huge stigma around mental illness and we need to banish it. We can only do this by raising awareness, normalising conversations and offering practical support to all employees.

Absenteeism, demotivation and low productivity

Absenteeism, demotivation and low productivity are all issues that arise when wellbeing is ignored and people are treated like cogs in a machine, rather than human beings. Negativity can infect organisations like a virus. And most of the time that’s because leaders have not paid enough attention to wellbeing.

Wellbeing impacts directly on your bottom line

Organisations have a duty of care to make sure their people are supported to be well and happy. Ignore this at your peril. Wellbeing deficient organisations struggle to retain good people, they lose time and resources through sickness and they become problematic and uncompetitive. Wellbeing impacts directly on bottom line. Research proves that higher levels of wellbeing result in contented, productive, creative workers who take fewer sick days, earn more and are valued highly.

Watch Kerry Leigh, one of the mental health workshop facilitators, talk about stress and mental health in the workplace.

Workshop Outline

The workshop will explore techniques to normalise conversations and listen and communicate non-judgementally. And will introduce positive interventions on sign-posting people to the right help and how to develop a resilience toolkit.


  • Morning Session

    Introductions and gentle ice breaker.

    Expectations: In small groups discuss and share expectations from the day, then with the whole group. Trainer to address and manage expectations.

    What is Mental Health? Free flow exercise untapping what we automatically think of when we hear OR read the words: ‘Mental Health’. Trainer to facilitate discussion re preconceptions, misconceptions and stigma.
    Introduce the ‘mental health continuum’.

    Common Mental Health Issues: Learn the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, debunking myths along the way and including video testaments of lived experience and examples of positive portrayals.

    How to apply Mental Health First Aid: Introducing the MHFA acronym ALGEE:
    • Approach
    • Listen and communicate non-judgementally
    • Give support and information
    • Encourage the person to get help
    • Encourage other supports

  • Afternoon Session

    Owning it – what is YOUR role in the workplace – how can YOU help? Trainer to facilitate discussion and capture outcomes re taking responsibility as individuals and as an organisation.

    Introducing FLIP it Thinking for Resilience

    Trainer takes the group through each part of the FLIP it process using upbeat interactive exercises to illustrate how effective and immediate FLIP it thinking can be – our proven accessible Laughology toolkit that uses psychology and humour to help people cope in the moment and develop resilience.


    Review the day’s learning and make commitment to practice using the STOP / START / CONTINUE method.


Learning Outcomes include:
  • How to create a culture that supports people to talk and be open about their mental health and promote wellbeing
  • Having a greater awareness of how to spot mental health issues early on
  • Understanding positive interventions for sign-posting and helping people to get the help they need
  • Generate ideas for integrating mental health wellbeing into your workplace
  • To understand what preventions can be put in place to create a well working environment and individuals
  • An understanding of FLIP it thinking for managers and teams for resilience

Click to download the course outline PDF

We have added this section so we don't have to keep repeating ourselves

What is the difference between mental health and mental illness?

People increasingly talk about mental health and mental illness as interchangeable things. But they’re not. Just as we all have health, we all have mental health.

We can have good mental health, poor mental health or be somewhere in between at any given time. Mental illnesses are health conditions, which involve changes in our thinking, emotions or behaviours.

How are mental health and wellbeing related?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines mental health as ‘a state of wellbeing in which the individual realises his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community’.

Why work with Laughology?

At Laughology, we understand human behaviour, feelings and motivation. Our expertise is delivering taboo and sensitive subjects and exploring issues in an engaging and fun way.

We use humour to break the ice and provide a platform which enables people to have frank, open conversations.

This session is an opportunity to seek out practical ideas which can be taken back to the workplace in order to create a supportive culture around mental health.

For your enlightenment
Put the kettle on, your feet up, and spend a few minutes checking out some of our most popular mental health blogs.

We're feeling the love!

The session was amazing. So funny, full of engaging, but also pertinent raising relevant, current issues and looking at how to address them. 

CIPD Gibraltar branch

Good session - Informative yet entertaining, on a serious topic.

I enjoyed yesterday’s session I found it to be both informative and enjoyable I thought Kerry was very good and encompassed the right amount of humour within the course subject to keep me engaged though out the duration

The course content was very good with the right mix of interaction, slides and videos

More training workshops for organisations

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Training workshop for organisations


The laughter and learning sessions are structured to fit into your team meetings, events, away-days and staff workshops. They are an effective way to get your team motivated and thinking positively and feeling good about where they work.

  • Suited to:

    • Managers
    • Leaders
    • All Teams
  • Delivered as:

    • 45 minute session

Laughter and Learning @ Lunchtime sessions are fun-packed 45-minute bite-sized versions of our popular full-fat conference keynotes. You can select one for each Laughter and Learning session you book.

Our Laughter and Learning Learning sessions will:

  • boost morale and employee well being

  • creating a healthy, happy work environment

  • entertain and deliver a key message

We are renowned in the business for our entertaining and refreshingly different delivery style. When we deliver keynotes, conferences and event facilitation, we bring proceedings to life with fun, interaction and improvisation.

We will engage your audience to think differently, debate and learn using creative dialogue techniques. The sessions are fun and a great way to get people involved and bring your event to life.

They are delivered by our team of presenters who have a background in stand-up comedy, psychology and business and learning.  Who will deliver fascinating insights and memorable moments - with guaranteed laughter.

You can select one subject for each Laughter and Learning session you book


Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Conference keynotes for business and organisations

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Call Vicky to book your Laughter and Learning @ Lunchtime session

0844 800 1701

Or use the contact form at the bottom of this page

We're feeling the love!

The session was very good, interesting, engaging and funny.  Good visuals, some nice take aways and the right balance between science and practical demo’s. We loved it so much we have booked another laughter and learning sessions for our staff.

More training workshops for organisations

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Woman going through the menopause

Training workshop for organisations

Menopause awareness at work training workshop

The Laughology menopause workshop tackles the issues of menopause at work head-on. It enables organisations to start the menopause debate in an open, engaging, non-threatening and fun way.

  • Outcomes

    • reduced absenteeism
    • increased well-being
    • improved organisation and working practices
  • Suited to:

    • managers
    • leaders
    • individual team members
  • Delivered as:

    • 60 to 90-minute interactive awareness session

Occupational health and menopause awareness in the workplace

'The change’ as an issue affecting a large proportion of the workforce. However, it is still considered a taboo subject by many businesses. Women comprise approximately half (47 percent) of the UK’s workforce.

About 3.5 million are aged 50 and over. 10% of women quit their jobs because of their menopause experience and many others suffer in silence because they feel it is not a subject to be broached - occupational health issues for older workers in general, and older women workers in particular, have often been ignored - or that they will not be taken seriously.

Thousands of female workers experience key menopause symptoms such as:

  • hot flushes
  • irregular periods
  • mood swings
  • anxiety
  • poor memory

Businesses have traditionally been squeamish about addressing issues raised by the menopause. However, as the UK workforce ages, the discussion must open up.

Menopause workshop

The Laugholoy menopause workshop tackles the issues head-on and allows businesses to start the menopause debate in an open, engaging, non-threatening and fun way.

It helps men and women talk openly and honestly about the challenges menopause presents. It addresses misconceptions and provides information on the workplace implications of the process, covering areas such as:

  • symptoms
  • the impact of hormone replacement therapy
  • gender misconceptions 

Most importantly it gives organisations the opportunity to think about support structures for their menopausal staff to allow them to continue to be engaged and productive team members.

Workshop Tone

Our workshops educate and inform about the challenges and myths around the menopause and investigate best practice on how to support people and help them continue effectively in their roles.

We have years of expertise in delivering workshops which address sensitive subjects in an engaging and fun way. Our unique approach promotes audience interaction and openness. It allows conversations to flow, questions to be asked and opinions to be challenged in a safe and non-judgemental forum.
Menopause webinar

Join us for our menoapuse webinar...

Workshop Outline

The 60 to 90-minute interactive awareness session will help enhance thinking and highlight some of the challenges faced by women and men during menopause. It will investigate positive steps to help manage these.

The session will explore the neuroscience and biological science of menopause to helps managers, leaders, teams and individuals understand the condition and how it can be supported.
  • Sessions include

    • The science and neuroscience of brain and body changes during menopause
    • An understanding of the menopause and the challenges it presents
    • Exploration of practical communication to help women and men talk about the menopause
    • Exploration of psychological theories such as The Pygmalion effect[1] in relation to beliefs about gender abilities and working with older women
    • Coaching and thinking models to help promote positive decision making, reflective thinking and support
    • Insights into gender neuroscience and myths about the male and female brain
    • Q & A to address concerns, anxieties and uncertainties and to open up conversations
  • Aims

    The workshop will give a greater insight into the challenges and provide practical solutions to menopause. It allows for a greater understanding of how beliefs based on myth and culture can affect how we treat others and the impact this can have on well-being.

    It will deliver tangible, practical techniques for managers, leaders and individuals to enable positive behaviours that promote positive thinking and communication around the challenges of menopause.
  • Learning outcomes

    • An insight into how menopause impacts on women
    • An understanding of how to communicate sensitively about health issues relating to the menopause
    • Understanding conscious and subconscious judgements and the impact they have
    • Techniques for inclusivity and balance when decision-making
    • An understanding of the myths and facts of the male and female brain
    • An understanding of how projected beliefs about brain gender differences impact on empathy and behaviors
    • Practical ways to help enhance awareness and aid a more comfortable working environment for those affected by menopause
    • Suggested ways to expand learning and a commitment to change


Watch Stephanie Davies, Laughology CEO, facilitate a 1-hour Menopause Awareness workshop for Burges Salmon


Put the kettle on, your feet up, and spend a few minutes checking out some of our most popular menopause and the workplace blogs.

We're feeling the love!

‘I’m so grateful we are actually talking about this. What a great session. I learnt so much about myself.’ The course really helped our staff to talk about the menopause, a very taboo subject. Loved the approach 

West Midlands Police

‘The buzz following the workshops was fantastic and they went down so well, we’ve now secured extra funding from the PMAS to deliver some more.’


More training workshops for organisations

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Training workshop for organisations


This growth mindset training will improve your organisational growth, wellbeing and people potential.

Our workshops are delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by a team of dynamic, experienced facilitators and behavioural experts.

  • Outcomes

    • Increase engagement
    • Encourage innovation
    • Build resilience
    • Support Transformation
    • Self-directed learning
    • Skills development and competencies
  • Suited to:

    • Managers
    • Leaders
    • All Teams
  • Delivered as:

    • Keynote
    • Two hour intro
    • Half or full-day
    • Transformation or training programme

Trends show that businesses are already worried about future access to skills and labour and there is a growing skills gap.  This Laughology workshop will develop a growth mindset in your organisation and should be used as part of your strategy to address your organisations potential skills gap.

Engaging and energetic growth mindset workshops

Laughology workshops are delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by a team of dynamic, experienced behavioural experts. They drive behaviour change through effective and fun activities. The workshops demonstrate how to develop and adopt growth mindset through language and how to develop teams who embrace risk, are more resilient and achieve success through personal growth.

How fixed mindset damages growth and innovation

Without the ability to meet change and adapt, organisations and the people in them can become outdated, uncompetitive and negative. Research has shown that companies which only focus on target-based results create a fixed mindset culture which struggles to evolve and to meet challenge. Growth is suppressed, innovation is stifled. The results are unhappy and inward-looking workplaces.

Growth Mindset help organsations and teams embrace challenge and change

Growth mindset cultures, however, significantly improve motivation, effort and positive approaches to new challenges. Teams with a growth mindset are more likely to embrace challenges and be more persistent. Developing growth mindset raises standards and creates happier places to work, which in turn improves productivity. Leaders who enable learning and encourage others to have self-belief will build engaged teams that thrive. Growth mindset principles allow teams to develop continually.

Theories of growth mindset

Laughology workshops delve into the fascinating psychology and neuroscience of growth mindset. It looks at the theories behind the way we learn and develop, and reveals how we can use this knowledge to become better at everything we do.


  • The session will explore how to:

    • Enhance thinking skills that can be used to advance learning and engagement at every level. 
    • Explore theory and the practical application of developing a growth mindset.
    • Equip individuals and teams with tools for thinking differently, encouraging them to be more open-minded and receptive to new developments and opportunities.
    • Identify areas for personal development and enhanced contribution to the organisation.
    • Look at techniques to dispel myths about capabilities and intelligence. 
    • Address the challenges of limiting unconscious behaviours and language that support them.
  • Learning Outcomes include:

    • Understanding personal mindset and how to unleash blocks and potential 
    • Gain a greater understanding of the neuroscience and how to strengthen the brains learning power and self-control
    • Positive decision making and how to overcome perceived barriers
    • Understanding how to manage personal learning processes to enhance development
    • For individuals and teams to start to use language that enhances growth mind-set
    • Develop skills to give and receive feedback in a growth mind-set way that encourages learning and development.

We're feeling the love!

The session was amazing. So funny, full of engaging, but also pertinent raising relevant, current issues and looking at how to address them. I really look forward to seeing Stephanie again.
CIPD Gibraltar branch
Lots of post workshop comments thanking me for taking the time to find and trigger such a fun and useful session. My challenge was to build team spirit between 2 sometimes competing entities – tick; Improve morale – tick; and introduce an educational session that help customer relationship management – tick. All in a roaring success!!   

More training workshops for organisations

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Learn how to improve your presentation skills with Stephanie Davies, renowned keynote speaker, author and Laughology CEO.

Steph present Laughology 302

Delivering a report to colleagues, lecturing a class or speaking to a room full of strangers, are just some of the situations were learning to deliver better presentations, in an engaging and entertaining style, can help you to communicate your message with more confidence and credibility.

Your tutor

Your tutor for the presentations skills masterclass is Stephanie Davies, who in a previous life spent most of her time in smoky windowless rooms, making drunken strangers laugh (and that was even before she became a stand-up comedian).

She is now CEO of Laughology, a ground-breaking learning and development consultancy, and delivers training and consultancy to Governments and blue-chip companies around the globe. She is an acknowledged expert on using persuasive language techniques and communication and audience control skills to connect with and win over an audience.

Brilliant! This was not the normal presentation skills course you go on, I learnt so much that I have been able to use instantly

Senior manager - Natwest

This masterclass is for you if...

  • You need to pitch to potential clients
  • Present at business events
  • Communicate ideas to your colleagues or senior management teams
  • Present reports
  • If you work in education and need to communicate with student or pupils
  • You are a trainer who wants to add to their skillset
  • If you have a public facing role and want to be able to communicate more confidently with the public.

[panel background="#feecdc" border="1px solid #ff7b0a"]20% GROUP DISCOUNT AVAILABLE
Book 2 or more places and enter '20%-GROUP-DISCOUNT' at checkout to receive your 20% group discount.[/panel]

This is what you will learn

This masterclass will give you a unique insight into how to use language to your advantage, leverage the power of emotion when connecting with others and how to employ humour with storytelling to create memorable talks and presentations that encourage positive action.

At Laughology, we do workshops differently. We believe it’s all about connecting with people emotionally, leaving them feeling inspired, happy and motivated to take action.

You will be guided you through a day of participation and interaction, teaching you cognitive storytelling skills used by performers and speakers to deliver exceptional presentations.

Workshops are shaped to the needs of individual delegates on the day, but the core course content will include:

  • How to use emotion to tell a story and take people with you
  • Using words to paint a picture
  • Building your confidence
  • Thinking creatively
  • Having fun with your audience
  • How to persuade and motivate
  • Using simple and to-the-point language
  • Showing the human behind the presentation
  • How to FLIP your nerves and appear calm
  • How to create a compelling call to action.

Brilliant, great, fun… Never laughed so much on a training course… Engaging and thought provoking… Good fun, very memorable and great information that will definitely help back in the workplace 

East Cheshire Council - Workforce Development Team

To ensure the masterclass is a positive experience and delegates can interact with each other and the tutor, we are limiting the number of delegates to 15.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to improve your presentation skills, register today.

You can register and pay by using the 'add to basket' button on this page, where you will also find a group discount code.

If you have any questions about the masterclass or would like to register by phone, you can call us on 0844 800 1701.


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