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This growth mindset keynote investigates the fascinating psychology and neuroscience of growth mindset and looks at the theories behind the way we learn and develop

‘I can and I will’, goes the saying. David Brent probably had it printed on a mouse mat… and a mug. Maybe even a t-shirt. Brent had many failings; mysogny, choreography - but he wasn’t a quitter. He had growth mindset. He faced whatever life threw at him with positivity, and when he got knocked down (frequently), he got back up again and kept trying.

David Brent is probably not the best person to model your managerial style on. But growth mindset -the ability to meet change and adapt – is something every successful person and organisation needs. Growth mindset cultures improve motivation and effort. They develop positive approaches to new challenges. Teams with a growth mindset are more likely to embrace challenges and be more persistent.

This keynote uncovers the secrets that lead to success and gives delegates techniques they can use in everyday life to develop and thrive. Thankfully, it won’t turn you into David Brent – but it will make you laugh, and if you practice what it teaches, it will help you to be more positive and resilient .

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