Top 10 tips to deliver outstanding presentation skills

Does the idea of speaking in public fill you with dread?  If so you’re in the majority also known as Glossophobia, public speaking is one of the most common phobias.  So ahead of our presentations skills course we have put together some top tips you can print out and use to help you get through your next presentation.  

Challenge your thoughts

Neuroscience tells us that our internal voice can actually wire the brain and cause certain behaviours.  So if you’re having negative thoughts about the presentation, challenge them back with more rational, positive thoughts. 

Have a mantra

Following on from the above, develop a mantra to really challenge the negative dialogue. Say it over and over again to wire your brain into positive thoughts.

You know best 

One of the things people get most nervous about is forgetting what they are going to say.  The best thing to remember is that no-one knows your ‘script’ apart from you.  Which means if you miss something out or get a bit back to front, no one will know unless you tell them.  

Power pose 

How you stand and hold yourself will impact greatly on how you feel and how others feel about you.  Practice power posing.  Just watch Amy’s talk for further information.


Breathing is what we do every day and we take it for granted that it just happens.  Taking in deep breaths and counting as you do for five seconds, holding the breath for five seconds and breathing out again for five seconds will slow your heart rate down and instantly calm you. 

Think happy thoughts and memories to distract your mind 

The ability to be in control of your thoughts is a great trick to have.  When we are in a.  Use your imagination in a positive way instead.  Allow yourself to think of memories of things that made you happy, relaxed or even something that made you laugh. 

Practice, practice, practice

It’s the oldest advice and the most important.  Don’t underestimate the power of practicing.  

Write a set list

This is a great comedy trick.  Trying to remember a script can be a challenge and comes across unnatural.  The best thing to do is to write 10-15 words that represent your presentation that you can remember. 


Smiling can greatly improve your mood and reduce stress. Even when fake smiling, you still get the same results. 

Keep going

Do as many presentations as you can, speak as often as you get the chance to in public and speak out at events.  You need to train your brain into thinking that doing this behaviour is easy and non-threatening and like everything else, the more you do it, the better you’ll get.